Welcome to Issue 41 of TAB Updates.

Over the course of the next couple of months, we will be making some upgrades to TAB Updates, in line with reader feedback and some new ideas for the types of stories and useful information we want to share with you.

However, before we put those into effect, here's a short recap and a reminder of the many great articles TABbers have shared - enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Daniel Joseph | The App Business


The future of retail banking

Here's a recap of three key articles that explore the state of retail banking - and how technology, customer behaviour and regulatory pressure will force the industry to rapidly reinvent itself:

Retail banks and the point of no return | Essential reading, this succinct primer sets the scene for the state of retail banking today, unpicking the challenges - and opportunities - confronting banks today.

Driving success in the mobility era | A closer look at our Strategic Mobility Framework: six pillars that provide the foundation for reorientating banking services in a mobile-led world.

Monzo and the future of retail banking | In this post and accompanying Slideshare, take a closer look at what good looks like with five key lessons in mobile product excellence from Monzo.

Don't forget to read our recent story on Yolt - ING's highly innovative new Beta product and one of the first in the UK form a major bank to exploit the early opportunities heralded by Open Banking.

The rise and rise of Voice

Using Voice as an interaction model for your customers isn't something for the future: it's already here, with Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana. In the four posts below, we put Amazon's Alexa through her paces and discuss the role of Voice in 21st Century customer experiences.

Is Voice the future of banking at home? | Continue the finance theme above with this exploration of the role Voice may play in our experience of personal banking at home - and listen in to snippets from a recent Alexa demo.

Alexa, UI and the future of mobility | In a follow up article and demo, we move from personal banking to mobility - and the ways that Voice could help all of us get from A to B more easily.

Ten things Alexa didn't tell us | Get under the hood of Amazon's Alexa, and discover the ten key technical lessons and insights our teams learned by building and testing new Skills.

Voice-enabled hotel rooms are more than an Echo away | Remember to keep your options open, and look at Voice holistically with this useful look at why making a big bet on a single Voice platform is a mistake.

Clara Monnet


The restaurant-less restaurant

Switching up the topics, here: as the demand for home food delivery grows, it's of no surprise that brands such as Clockjack Chicken have ditched conventional brick and mortar stores in favour of delivery-only kitchens and pop-up stands. As more brands look to exploit the cheaper overheads, how will restaurant-less restaurants build their customer relationships?

The Telegraph | 6 minute read

The end of smartphone innovation

As Apple prepares for the release of the latest iPhone design, Ben Evans argues that smartphone innovation has come to a halt. Similar to most new technologies, the iPhone has followed the infamous S-curve trend: from ideation to creation, deployment and now, to eventual maturity. Characteristically thought-provoking, Evans concludes by shining light on what might be the next big thing: augmented reality (AR).

Benedict Evans | 3 minute read

The future of the gig economy

The 'gig economy' has become a popular phrase, used - for better or worse - to define the professional lifestyle of short-term contractors and freelancers. In this article, John Hagel offers an alternative future - one that focuses more on creative work, in small productive working groups.

John Hagel | 11 minute read


John Hagel on the future of work leads us nicely to your future. Perhaps it's with us. Take a look below at our high priority open roles below and head over to our careers page to apply.