Happy Holidays! Here's Issue 10 of #TABUpdates - our last fortnightly dose of news, inspiration and insight for 2015.

To keep you going through the holidays, we have included a great piece on how to deal with blockers as your team becomes more Agile, and our winter issue of #TABReads - full of great books to get stuck into this Christmas period.

Happy reading, and see you in 2016!

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Breakfast of Champions, January 14th 2016

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a breakfast event in the New Year! The event is a great opportunity to discover more about the diverse range of complex challenges we are busy solving with mobile and agility, and a chance to talk directly to TABbers from across our disciplines - including Strategy, Design, Agile Coaching, and Engineering.

Key topics will include:

  • The value of usability testing in the real world
  • Understanding extendable architecture and integration
  • Validating a new service through lean experimentation
  • Crafting seamless transaction experiences
  • Agility beyond the development team.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure we keep numbers and content as valuable as possible for our guests, the event is by invite only. If it sounds like something of interest to you, get in touch with us here.

The App Business


#TABReads: Winter Edition

After the success of our first edition of #TABReads in the summer, here is our latest seasonal reading list from Team TAB. An eclectic mix, you will find everything from the biographies of top innovators, to the translation of data into visual masterpieces. So whilst it might be all bleak British weather outside, take the opportunity to curl up and get stuck in to some of these gems!

Emily Maginess

Common blockers on the road to Agile

The next in our series of common Agile challenges is here, and this time round Architecture Owner Riccardo Bennett-Lovsey looks at what can be done when legacy forms of governance and culture get in the way of project teams becoming Agile. For those of you who have just joined us, you can track back to the first post in the series, where Agile Coach Christina Ohanian talks about the similar challenge of changing traditional mindsets.

Riccardo Bennett-Lovsey


Which industries are in decline for customer satisfaction?

Nunwood released the results of their annual customer experience survey in the UK. While the usual suspects sit near the top of the rankings, more interesting was an overall decline in customer satisfaction in particular sectors - grocery retail, travel, logistics, and telecoms. Chew on the whole report here - there are some great pointers on what drives things like NPS, plus useful industry-by-industry breakdowns.


You are your phone

There has been a plethora of recent studies analysing mobile usage and what it can tell us about people. Couple that with the news that insurance companies in developing countries are using similar data to assess credit worthiness, and it points to one general conclusion: mobile’s omnipresence in people’s lives means that the line between device and self is blurring fast.

Rough Type

Banking is a-changing

While there have been many headlines about how banks are likely to be radically disrupted, the vast majority of us still head to the local branches of the big name banks. But change is definitely coming - Brett King does a great job identifying some of the early signals in this piece.

Brett King

Aye aye, AI

The conversation around AI - how it has improved, and its potential dangers - has heated up significantly towards the end of this year. OpenAI launched this week, backed by the likes of Elon Musk (of Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity fame) and Sam Altman (Y Combinator). As the name suggests, OpenAI aims to open source research into AI in order to head off many of the pitfalls that may lie ahead. Musk and Altman explain their approach in this interview.

Steven Levy

The effects of technology are rippling through the US economy

BlackRock's Chief Investment Officer highlights three key trends that show some interesting changes to the US economy that are worthy of more attention than quarter-to-quarter interest rate tinkering. These range from the increasing pace of technology adoption all the way through to the rise of non-routine cognitive work since the start of the century. “Let’s give some attention to how technology is changing the entire world in ways never before witnessed...” - we heartily agree.

Rick Rieder, BlackRock

Will MacAskill talks to Tim Ferriss

Will’s list of achievements is pretty astonishing given his relatively young age of 28: he is already a tenured philosophy professor at Oxford who founded the 'effective altruism' movement and a participant in Y Combinator. This is a pretty long conversation with Tim Ferriss (of 4 Hour Workweek fame), but it meanders around many interesting areas and contains some great nuggets that could be reapplied well beyond their original context.

Tim Ferriss

Product Design Weekly: best articles of 2015

If you’re looking to lose yourself in a selection of the best articles on UX and product design published this year, Product Design Weekly has put a nice little bucket of the year's best articles for you. There is a substantial number, so best get started...

Product Design Weekly

16 predictions for 2016

And finally - we finish up our final TAB Updates of the year with an interesting future-gazing piece from Microsoft into the technological changes likely to unfold next year - and into the next decade.