TAB Updates is back for 2016!

Fresh from our holiday hiatus, and appropriately for this issue, we have been thinking about what lies ahead this year - from future trends to resolutions for 2016.

Our Breakfast of Champions event on 14th January kickstarted this planning and thinking - for both the TAB team, and for our guests. We were joined by over 20 very different companies, from our established clients, to newer partners and some brand new faces. The mix and the discussion was fantastic - and we are looking forward to addressing the topics the event raised in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime, to get you thinking, make sure you check out the list of resolutions you need for your mobile strategy in 2016, as recommended from across the team at TAB.

Happy New Year, and happy reading!

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


The 2015 review

Before we crack on with mobile resolutions for 2016, we thought we would first take a look back at the previous year. It's been an incredibly eventful one for us - with the launch of TAB Updates, a new website, the big move to Spitfire, plus a load of great content and lively events. Recap with us to discover some of the best bits of 2015, beyond our projects.

Emily Maginess

Mobile resolutions for 2016

Have you been thinking about your mobile strategy for 2016? Unsurprisingly, we have been looking carefully at this question for our clients. More broadly, however, with our world becoming increasingly mobile, we posed the following question to the team at TAB:

“If you could tell your clients to do one thing this year, what would it be?”

We have pulled in responses from our strategists, designers, engineers, Agile coaches and more. Take a look - it's time to get future-ready.

Hamish Vallabh

Chat as an interface

In our deck "The App is Dead - Or, How to Think about the Future of Apps", we wrote about how apps are being unbundled - both across and within devices. People are spending less time looking for answers within apps, and are instead having answers proactively pushed to them.

With this evolution in mind, we have been looking at the recent trend for using chat as an interface. Check out how and why it's being used to drive effective engagement with users, and read about examples such as Siri, "M", and Google Now.

Brett Thornton


Fintech startups are driving change in finance

Transferwise have released a great report with a whole lot of data detailing the changes underway in the finance industry. Consumers, particularly early adopters, place less trust in established banks to handle their finances, and increasingly use - and expect to use - more digital financial services in the future. Here’s the full report.


CES 2016 for product people

As software eats the world and the mobile supply chain starts to influence everything around us, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has broadened in scope and its predicted interests. Sure, there are still some oddities to amuse, but this round-up from Steven Sinofsky focuses on a macro view for product people - rather than getting lost in the smart-belts and internet fridges.

Steven Sinofsky

Automotive: disruption ahead

CES certainly made clear that there is a growing threat of disruption for the automotive industry, either from tech giants or new players arriving with new technology and business models. The Economist take a look at the lay of the land in the industry, as it speeds toward more sharing, and less drivers.

The Economist

Leverage points: the places to intervene in a system

A classic long read on systems thinking and how to affect change that's definitely worth your time. This piece focuses on ‘leverage points’: the places within a complex system (like a corporation; an economy; a living body; a city - even an ecosystem) where a small shift can drive larger changes to the whole.

Donella Meadows