Here it is: issue 12 of TAB Updates!

This edition includes a brand new product in the wild, a high-level overview of our design process direct from our Head of Design, and a repost of a recent article the team contributed to Travolution on the need for airlines to leverage mobile more effectively.

Check them out - and enjoy!

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Make sure you stay one step ahead of the weather

After just seven slim sprints (or fourteen weeks), the whole team at TAB are proud to see our very first iteration of the brand new Met Office weather app go live this month - available for download on iOS and Android.

Usability testing and an outcome-driven approach allowed us to whittle a large list of desired features down to three core areas of functionality: weather forecasts, severe weather warnings and weather alerts. The result is an exceptional MVP, delivering value to users right out of the gate.

Testament to great collaboration between our co-located teams at both the Met Office and TAB, we're excited to be able to test and refine the app with users 'in the wild'. The team are busy refining the roadmap, and we look forward to releasing fantastic new features in the months ahead.

We will take a look at the app's journey so far in our next edition, but in the meantime, to read more about our view on what makes a great MVP, check out recent posts over on our blog here, and here.

The App Business


Reclaiming the customer experience with mobile

Originally published on travel industry news site Travolution, we repost here UX Strategist Jean-Francois Hector's take on the challenges facing airlines. He examines how a lack of direct control of customer relationships represents many missed opportunities. Mobile, he argues, presents the best way to reclaim this relationship.

Jean-Francois Hector

Take a look inside Design at The App Business

TAB's Head of Design, Iain McConchie, provides a high-level breakdown of our design process here at TAB. In this blog post he writes about our creative process - how we 'do' design at TAB, and why focusing on the user, continually beating stuff up together, is vital to achieving the best output.

Iain McConchie


Software distinguishes the hardware winners

In a world where smartphone components have become a kind of Lego kit for all kinds of consumer technology, Benedict Evans and Steven Sinofsky argue that software is the real differentiator that helps companies break away from the pack. Listen in to the debate here.

Benedict Evans and Steven Sinofsky

The end of app stores as we know them

The app distribution rulebook is being rewritten. Instead of relying on app stores, smart companies are aggressively accelerating their growth through deep integrations with services that people habitually use. In yet further evidence of the unbundling of the app, this useful post encourages you to think about your product not as a stand alone 'thing', but as an integrated system.

Hugh Durkin, Intercom

Nobody wants to use your product

People are not interested in using a product, they’re interested in achieving their outcomes and the end result. This useful reference article highlights a good collection of product designs that are brilliant because you barely have to interact with them.

Goran Peuc, Smashing Magazine

Driving into the future

Ben Thompson and James Allworth discuss the exciting future of cars and transportation. In particular, looking at three major areas of change: the shift from internal combustion engines to electric motors; the shift from human drivers to self-driving vehicles, and the shift from car ownership to transportation as a service. Listen to the full discussion here.

Ben Thompson and James Allworth

The Uber of petrol?

All services are subject, in some way, to Uberfication; every process can be simplified and made easier for the end user. With this mentality, Booster Fuels have raised a $9 million series round to remove the pain points from topping up your petrol. Partnering with large businesses, Booster Fuels will offer fuel on-demand - so you’ll never have to worry about being in the red again.

Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch

Meet Erik Spiekermann

Check out this conversation with Erik Spiekermann, legend of typography. Find out what inspired his illustrious career, how he set up the first ever font distribution service, and why he believes Britain is a hub for creativity.