It's time for your fortnightly Friday read, with Issue 13 of #TABUpdates.

In our latest edition, we look at the power of prototyping, the challenge of changing 'traditional' mindsets, and a recap of the strategic MAT model. As usual, we also share a roundup of the interesting picks from across the web that have got us talking at TAB HQ.


Daniel Joseph, The App Business


The power of prototyping

Senior Product Designer, Marco Sousa, takes a look at how we use prototyping in our design process here at TAB. From paper-based sketching all the way through to high fidelity interactive prototypes, Marco explores why prototyping is essential to our process and a critical step that helps us maximise value - not to mention minimise waste - when creating mobile products.

Marco Sousa

The right way to influence behaviour with technology

TAB UX Strategist Jean-Francois Hector has been examining ways to powerfully influence user behaviour in travel, and recently co-presented with Architecture Owner Khalil Dimachkie at an industry masterclass organised by Amadeus. At the core of Jean-Francois' thinking is a set of flexible principles that he began to explore earlier this year with a pithy presentation at Mobile UX London. Check out the original summary here for a handy recap.

Jean-Francois Hector

The challenge of changing 'traditional' mindsets

Returning briefly to her roots as a tester, TAB Agile Coach, Christina Ohanian, is speaking at the European Testing Conference in Bucharest. Here is a throwback to her popular 'The challenge of changing 'traditional' mindsets' post.

Christina Ohanian


The future of money and monetisation

a16z’s Alex Rampell leads a great discussion with TransferWise Executive Founder Kristo Käärmann, and Tilt founder James Beshara, on the future of money and monetisation. Interesting stuff - listen to the full discussion here.

Alex Rampell, a16z

£1984: does a cashless economy make for a surveillance state?

Coins and notes are a flexible and anonymous medium for small, fast transactions that don’t involve an intermediary. But in a world where all transactions are electronic, a future without money could mean a surveillance state where every transaction is tracked by banks and the state. Brett Scott takes a thought-provoking look at cryptocurrencies, and investigates whether we should be worried about a banking Big Brother.

Brett Scott, The Guardian

Vital elements of the product design process

Ryan Singer distills a decade of experience at 37Signals and Basecamp into a simple set of questions that every product manager and designer should ask themselves when making product decisions. To get a high-level look inside our own design process at TAB, you can follow up with a read of this recent post from Head of Design, Iain McConchie.

Ryan Singer

Lists are the new search

Benedict Evans discusses his fascination with lists. In a digital age where options are limitless, lists are a powerful design pattern that help to reduce the 'tyranny of choice’ through thoughtful curation - both human and algorithmic.

Benedict Evans

No UI is the new UI

New technologies are fundamentally changing the way we approach design. They’re pushing us to leave our comfort zones and look at the bigger picture, bringing our focus towards the design of the ‘experience' rather than the actual screen.

Tony Aubé, TechCrunch