Welcome to Issue 14 of #TABUpdates.

Inside this issue, the team provide the first post in a short series on retail, and a closer look at one of the topics from our recent Breakfast of Champions event: lean experimentation. Plus, we include a reminder on how to build an MVP without losing that 'wow' factor and our Strategy team's regular curated Strategy Bites from across the web.


Daniel Joseph, The App Business


A perspective on retail in 2016

The term 'retail' is a broad church, describing everything from the big supermarkets, to one-off boutiques. In this first post on the future of retail, and to really understand the mobile opportunities and challenges ahead for retailers, Strategist George Proudfoot argues we first need to zoom out on the changing nature of the industry - a great read: make sure you check it out.

George Proudfoot

Get ready to learn fast, and fail forward

Following on from our Breakfast of Champions in January, Senior Product Owner LJ Mendoza unpacks the theme of one of the topic hubs from the event: the premise and purpose of lean experimentation. Confronting the F-word - failure - head on, she clarifies how you can save time, money, and frustration by using focused experiments to validate that great idea you have for a new product or service.

LJ Mendoza

How to build an MVP without sacrificing the 'wow' factor'

Scrum Master Anna Fletcher Morris takes a look at how to build an MVP that still brings real value and delight to your users by first defining what exactly an MVP is - and what it is not. In this compelling read, Anna outlines why an MVP is just the beginning of the your product's journey, and shares her thoughts on how you can ensure it gets started in the right way.

Anna Fletcher Morris


Physical stores and the future of retail

Take an interesting look behind the scenes as Amazon continue to explore ways to enter the physical retail space. Re/code reveals details about their experiments and patents - including allowing a customer to pick up an item and get automatically charged upon leaving the store.


A minimum viable product is not a product, it’s a process

Echoing our own thoughts on the nature and purpose of MVPs, The Macro argues that a MVP is not just a product with half of the features chopped out, or a way to get the product out the door a little earlier. Rather, an MVP is a process that you repeat over and over again.

The Macro

The bank of the future will be a marketplace

Our Strategy team's bank-of-the-future of choice, Mondo unsurprisingly shares regular smart thinking on the future of financial services. This great post paints a vision of an unbundled financial services ecosystem, with focused specialists that integrate to create a much better experience than current banking offerings. Well worth a read.


The mobile health paradox: Why data isn’t nearly enough

Behavioural economics suggest that simply ‘knowing’ more doesn’t necessarily help us live healthier lives. This thought-provoking TechCrunch article proposes that for real behaviour change to occur, m-health apps need to do more than simply relay our data back to us.