With Easter fast approaching, we're shipping TAB Updates a little earlier this week.

In Issue 16, you can find further tips on carving out creative space for your teams, a detailed look at our premier sports experience for News UK, Sun Goals, and an interesting personal take on the native vs. hybrid debate.

Enjoy - and have a great bank holiday weekend!

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Sun Goals: bringing the beautiful game to life on mobile

We have a new extended case study up on our site this week with the addition of Sun Goals, our best-in-class sports experience app for News UK. A product we have continuously iterated and evolved, Sun Goals delivers all the tension and drama of the football season direct to mobile, creating an exceptional, personalised digital destination for football fans on-the-go. And the best news? The app is free to download on both iOS and Android. Check out the full story here.

The App Business


Unpacking creative spaces: working walls

In a follow-up to her blog on creative spaces for creative thinking, Christina Ohanian unpacks the first of her creative tips: how to create and use working walls. Check out this post to get some visual explainers on how you can implement working walls in your office space.

Christina Ohanian

Choose your flavour: native vs. hybrid

The decision about which route to go - native, web or hybrid - when developing an app continues to be one we get asked about a lot. You can look at the issue from a variety of different angles and in this read, Product Owner Elena Sanchez shares her own personal take on it with an unusual analogy to Coca-Cola. Intrigued? Check it out.

Elena Sanchez


Amazon Echo (echo, echo, echo...)

Ben Thompson’s Exponent podcast covers the Amazon Echo, and the continuing shifts and plays by Bezos’ band, Apple, and the Googlers, as new platforms and use cases arrive on the scene. Check it out here.

Ben Thompson

Network effects

a16z have put together some great charts explaining network effects. These include how to spot a true network effect, and what they are useful for - as well as some interesting case studies. Learn all about interconnected nodes here.


Thinking beyond the product

Sian Townsend, Director of Research at Intercom, outlines how transformative user research can be when you introduce it as a discipline early to a company. User research can be applied across the organisation, affecting every aspect and moving beyond a product. Well worth a look.

Sian Townsend

The solution to design thinking

In an article that resonated here at TAB, Tim Malbon of Made By Many provides a follow up to his critique of the ‘brainstorm island’ approach, derived from an uncritical implementation of Ideo's design thinking methods. He argues the future is ‘full stack' design thinking: namely product-centric activity informed by strategy and Agile methodologies (among other things), with an inherent bias toward making. Read it here and get inspired.

Tim Malbon

Mapping the future of VR

Virtual reality is coming along fast, and everyone seems to assume that it will be gamers who get to have all the fun first. But there are other applications for VR that could also bring it into the mainstream. Tune in to this interesting podcast, in which the team at Andreessen Horowitz offer their wide-ranging perspective on how virtual reality is likely to enter all of our lives.