Hot off the press, here's Issue 18 of TAB Updates.

Get under the hood of one of our latest products, and check out another essential product design deck - first it was Uber, now we take a snappy look at Deliveroo. Plus, we include stories from around the web that got TABbers talking this week.

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Stay one step ahead of the weather

From Abigail and Katie to flash flooding, we experience all manner of wild weather in the UK - sometimes in the space of a day. Whether we just want to know more about the high winds near our home, or the Ambulance Service need to understand how the weather may create peak demand, at the forefront of this essential information is the Met Office - the UK's national weather service.

We have worked hand-in-hand with the Met Office to reimagine this critical weather service around mobile-enabled users. From a flagship new app to a bleeding-edge middleware layer known as the Weather Cloud, you can now discover the full story behind our work and learn more about the combined work of our strategists, designers, engineers, and our Agile coaches.

No-one wants to get caught caught out in an April shower, so make sure you download the new Met Office app to stay one step ahead of the weather:


Time for a Friday night takeaway?

Have you ever experienced those sudden, unignorable pangs of hunger? If you have, you may well have enlisted the help of Deliveroo to prevent the onset of hanger. After his popular breakdown of the product design lessons you can learn from Uber, TAB Strategist Hamish Vallabh continues the theme with a pithy look at disruptive fan-favourite tech startup, Deliveroo.

Even if you have missed the icon on the app store, you can't have missed the hundreds of Deliveroo bikes zipping around London - and 53 other cities. Hamish takes a dive into why Deliveroo got it so right, with 5 quick, snackable takeaway tips in product design essentials.

Hamish Vallabh


We are looking forward to hosting Business Architecture: The Missing Piece with Juval Lowry at TAB HQ in May. You can also catch UX Strategist, Jean-Francois Hector at OCC's Customer-Driven Innovation Day in June - grab your tickets now.


F8: Facebook’s evolving plan for world domination

Jessi Hempel interviewed Facebook’s Messaging lead David Marcus for Wired on his vision for the future. Ignore the provocative headline and focus on the interesting potential evolutions of how we interact with mobile. Lots to mull over in here, and we can't wait to see how Apple and Google counter-punch.

For a useful recap of the announcements at F8 (of which there were many), check out TNW’s summary here.

Jessi Hempel

Jeff Bezos' end of year letter

Bezos' end of year letters to Amazon shareholders are always worth a read, if just for some insight into the inner workings of Amazon. This letter revealed that, amongst other things, there is a considerable amount of thought going into platform building, the future of retail, and evolving Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Jeff Bezos

2016 U.S. Cross-Platform Future in Focus

Comscore dropped a load of data about the key trends shaping the increasingly interconnected, cross-platform media landscape - and what those trends imply about the future. Download the full report here.


Give your creativity a boost with improv

Neil Stevenson, designer at IDEO, documents his experience with improv classes as a method to transform his creativity and pull himself out of his ‘midlife work crisis’. A hilarious read, which might even spur you on to try it out for yourself!

Neil Stevenson


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