In this issue of TAB Updates, Senior Strategist Brett Thornton takes a look at the forces putting traditional British grocers under pressure and Scrum Master Anna Fletcher Morris explains why, when it comes to quality, sometimes it pays to go slow to go fast.


Daniel Joseph, The App Business


British grocers are under attack. Again.

Hammered by price wars and changing shopping habits, British grocery giants continue to face heavy pressure. Disruptive new services continue to pop up left, right and centre - from HelloFresh and Pact coffee to Graze, meeting all your healthy snacking needs. And let's not even mention recent moves by Amazon. So how can the big, historic players get back in the game?

Senior Strategist Brett Thornton takes a closer look and argues the real answer lies in developing deep insight into customer outcomes - and not, as many supermarket CEOs would have it, focusing on 'core retail operations'.

Brett Thornton | 10 minute read

Go slow to go fast: investing in quality upfront

According to Agile's core principles, creating working software is the primary measure of success. Sometimes, however, it's easy for teams - especially those in the early days of adopting Agile - to assume that just means shipping products quickly.

In this pithy introduction to continuous integration and its importance to a development team's long-term efficiency, Scrum Master Anna Fletcher Morris argues that speed without an upfront investment in quality is simply a false economy.

Anna Fletcher Morris | 7 minute read


We are looking forward to hosting Business Architecture: The Missing Piece with Juval Lowry at TAB HQ in May. You can also catch UX Strategist, Jean-Francois Hector at OCC's Customer-Driven Innovation Day in June - grab your tickets now.


A beginner's guide to organisation design

A nice primer available here from The Ready’s Oday Kamal on the various terms and tactics being employed to transform how organisations tick. Don’t know your Teal from your Holacracy? Read on.

Oday Kamal | 8 minute read

The shape of things to come

As the internet of things starts to become real, the design of those 'things' becomes an increasingly exciting challenge. Tom Coates’ extended piece provides a smart take on establishing some early principles to follow. Not to mention a bit history on the design of the light switch...

Tom Coates | 28 minute read

How Amazon made Echo

Joshua Brustein has written an in-depth piece on the genesis of Amazon Echo for Bloomberg. With considerable access to the team who worked on it, the article provides as much of an interesting peek into Amazon's internal dynamics and culture as it does the process of making Echo itself.

Joshua Brustein | 17 minute read

Essential lessons from growing a product

This is one mother of a summary that is well worth checking out: a round up of all Des Traynor’s best advice on product strategy and management in one talk. Don't miss.

Des Traynor | 48 minute read

Google's principles of mobile app design

Grab yourself a handy reference point with Google's newly published set of simple, well-illustrated design principles.

Google | Various


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