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Daniel Joseph, The App Business


The app is dead. Long live apps!

At both Google I/O and Apple’s WWDC this year, important developments were afoot that highlight just how fast our definition of an app - and how we interact with it - is changing. In this post from Mobile Product Strategist, Brett Thornton, we take a look at the way apps are evolving into complex ecosystems and fully-fledged services.

Brett Thornton

iOS 9 pre-release brief

The release of iOS 9 is just around the corner, and our engineers are already experimenting with ways to implement the updates into our projects. With multitasking on iPads and a souped-up Siri to name just a few of the changes, iOS 9 is set to polish a number of features from previous releases. To get the full low-down, check out our post and Slideshare deck here.

Toby Weinberg

Sieving through Google's Alphabet Soup

TAB Architecture Owner Khalil Dimachkie offers his personal view on the how, the why and the implications of Google’s latest move: the giant's surprise restructuring under new umbrella company, Alphabet.

Khalil Dimachkie


It's official - the UK is a smartphone society

Ofcom released its annual communications market report with a wealth of data on media and telecoms behaviour. For a speed read of the key results, check out chart champ Benedict Evans as he picks out his essential highlights. This includes the explosion in UK consumers who cited their smartphone as their '...most important device for connecting to the internet.' If you’re interested in a (much) deeper look and have time to kill, here’s the whole 400+ page Ofcom beast.

Benedict Evans

Self-drive cars and IoT loom large on Gartner's 2015 Hype Cycle

Continuing the theme of annual reports, it's that time again for Gartner's latest Hype Cycle. This year - unsurprisingly - the peak of excitement centres on autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things (IoT). Get on the curve and see what’s hot and what’s not in the world of emerging technologies.


A closer look at the enterprise beacon market

While we are on the subject of hype cycles, it's worth noting that it's been almost two years since iBeacon launched. King of Beacons Steve Cheney rounds up the state of the enterprise beacon market and shares five valuable lessons learned by Estimote. Here's an update, too, on an upcoming beacon roll out in 50 Target stores via Techcrunch.


Apple Watch UI: a user's view

Have you been disappointed by your Apple Watch? Well, after using his for more than two months, blogger Luke Wroblewski was. What he wanted was a simpler interaction model for moving between apps and content. Here’s what he proposes and why.

Luke Wroblewski

Stranger than fiction: Hyperloop just got real

Elon Musk - most famous for SpaceX and Tesla Motors - released his 57-page white paper detailing plans for the future-gazing transport system known as Hyperloop in 2013. Since then, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. has been hard at work setting things in motion. And naysayers be damned: Hyperloop is apparently moving forward after all with help from Oerlikon and Aecom.