In this issue of TAB Updates, Engineer Andrei Petric unpacks encryption with a clear, concise introduction and we take a look back at Senior Product Designer Marco Sousa's popular post on the importance of prototyping to work at TAB.


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An introduction to encryption

Now a weekly institution at TAB, Engineer Andrei Petric provides a recap of a recent TechByte session in this post. TechBytes are lunchtime talks, run by our engineers, that take technical engineering topics - and explain them for the rest of us.

In this 'Byte, Andrei breaks down the concept of encryption, with a simple, straightforward introduction, showing how it works and illustrating its integral role in our daily digital lives. With security very much on the agenda, this post is a must-read introduction to anyone new or unfamiliar with the topic.

Andrei Petric | 4 minute read

The power of prototyping

Senior Product Designer, Marco Sousa, takes a look at how we use prototyping in our design process here at TAB. From paper-based sketching all the way through to high fidelity interactive prototypes, Marco explores why prototyping is essential to our process, and a critical step to maximise value and mitigate risk.

Marco Sousa | 7 minute read


Senior Engineer Swav Kulinski is currently soaking up all the emerging tech news from Google I/O, live at the Shoreline Amphitheatre, and we're getting ready for OCC's Customer-Driven Innovation Day in June - grab your tickets now.


Behind the scenes at Magic Leap

Wired’s awesome cover story this month sees legendary writer/futurist/thinker Kevin Kelly break down the AR/VR/MR landscape and explore its role in our futures. He also gets a peek behind the scenes at what Magic Leap are working on...

Wired | 23 minute read

What Siri could have been

This week the creators of Siri showed off their latest creation - Viv - on stage. You have to see the demo to believe how impressive it is. The potential implications are a brand new interface for ‘apps', one in which we interact with focused slices of functionality served to us as and when we need them. Keep an eye out for something similar at WWDC.

TechCrunch | 3 minute read, 28 minute video

Ofcom media report 2016

Every year, Ofcom puts out a report on media use and attitudes in the UK. It’s a wealth of handy data on media and tech behaviour. As you browse, particularly note Section 4 on 'digital media take-up and use’, and Section 5 on ‘digital media activities’ - these break down the frequency, devices and platforms with which the UK population are performing a range of tasks (video, audio, communication, gaming, buying). Useful data for your next mobile project.

Ofcom | various read time

Redefining capitalism

Save this for the weekend and then get your geek on with McKinsey’s thesis on how we need to rethink long-held assumptions about why - and how - capitalism has driven prosperity.

McKinsey | 15 minute read

The big book of jobs to be done

Intercom have collated their understanding and experience applying the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) framework in a handy free book. It makes for a smart practitioner’s guide for how to use the theory and technique of JTBD successfully.

Intercom | 97 page book


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