Here it is: the latest edition of TAB Updates.

Below you will find all of the best bits from the past fortnight - including the best of the web, a summary of Mary Meeker's 2016 Internet Trends report and Apple's WWDC16. The team also take a closer look at our strategic work with Visa Europe in our latest case study.


Daniel Joseph, The App Business


The future of financial services

Many industries today are facing disruption from mobile, and the financial industry is no exception. From ambitious start-ups to tech titans, there are many challengers to large, established players. However, that doesn't mean the odds are stacked one way in favour of the disruptors - far from it, in fact.

Discover how we helped Visa Europe identify and examine both the opportunities, and the challenges, facing them in a post-plastic future.


It's that time of year again

Apple's yearly Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicked off on Monday this week, and we were treated to the usual feast of new features.

iOS 10 took centre stage, bringing big changes to iMessage, iMaps and Siri, to name just a few. To help you keep track of all the important announcements over the course of the event, here are the 12 key things you need to know.

Clara Monnet | 5 minutes

The current state of the Internet

The annual Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report has finally landed, and with it came a plethora of data and interesting trends to watch. Whenever the trends report comes out, the entire tech industry waits with bated breath - and this year was no exception.

Instead of having to go through all 213 slides yourself, we decided to make things a little easier for you. We pulled out seven of the most interesting data points from this year's report and condensed them into one blog. Pretty pithy work, even if we do say so ourselves.

Clara Monnet | 3 minutes


The future of chat

Here's a short but interesting blog post from General Partner at Google Ventures, M.G. Siegler about the future relevance of having so many apps.

This post provides an apposite example of what Mary Meeker (see above) means when she discusses the idea that messaging apps are increasingly becoming the second home screen. A snappy but exciting read.

M.G. Siegler | 2 minutes

How Alexa and Amazon will win the AI race

When you’re next on the tube or have a spare hour, we highly recommend having a listen to the Exponent podcast from Ben Thompson and James Allworth. This week they talk about Alexa - and why they believe that it's Amazon who will ultimately win the AI assistant game.

Exponent | 54 minute listen

The Full Monty

Above, we mention our top seven takeaways from Mary Meeker's recent report, but in case you do want to check out all those 213 slides yourself, go here for the full monty of all the macro trends affecting the internet today. This is great for exploring how ‘apps’ are evolving: and if you haven't checked out our own much shorter point of view on the future of apps, you can check it out here.

Mary Meeker | 213 slides to view

All about network effects

Andreessen Horowitz Partner, Anu Hariharan, published a very useful presentation explaining what Network Effects are, and how they're the key dynamic behind many successful software-based companies.

Understanding network effects not only helps build better products, but it helps build moats and protect software companies against competitors’ eating away at their margins.

Anu Hariharan | 85 slides

Marc Andreessen on the Tim Ferriss Show

Netscape creator and iconic investor Marc Andreessen gives a useful and entertaining interview to Tim Ferriss on his epic debate vs. Peter Thiel, his rules for investing, the future of bitcoin, artificial intelligence - and what it was like to be part of the Internet revolution in Silicon Valley in the 1990s. He is incredibly articulate about product strategy and really gets you excited about what's just over the horizon.

Four Hour Work Week | 1 hour listen


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