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In the last edit, we looked at macro level trends from WWDC and Mary Meeker's Annual Trends report. In this issue, we turn our eyes inward and take a closer look inside TAB. Read all about servant leaders, our belief in usability testing in the wild, and why good teams remember to watch their language - plus the best picks from around the web, as curated by our Strategy team.


Daniel Joesph, The App Business


Check your ego at the door

If you have never worked with a Scrum Master before, the role can a bit of a mystery - and even those who think they understand can find it hard to describe the precise role they play.

So what exactly is a Scrum Master, and what are the traits that make a really good one? To answer, one of our own, Rob Delplanque, takes a look at the fundamental quality we look for in Scrum Masters: servant leadership. Rob explores why servant leadership is an essential element, and why it means you have to leave your ego at the door. A good introductory piece for those unfamiliar with the Scrum Master role.

Rod Delplanque | 6 minute read

Is it time to watch your language?

If you have a cross-functional team like ours, a common language is absolutely essential to getting a job efficiently, and to the highest standard. However, over time, words can begin to lose or change their meaning and before you know it, language itself gets in the way of good communication.

A snappy meditation on one of our TAB Principles, Beat Stuff Up, Test Engineer Zac Borrelli reminds us that it isn't just products and processes we need to challenge. It's equally important to question the language and terminology we use over time to ensure we all remain on the same page.

Zac Borrelli | 5 minute read

Usability testing in the wild with BP

Product Owner José Carbajo serves up a thoughtful read on usability testing, drawing particular insight from our recent work with BP.

Here he explains why, to really understand the end-to-end experience from the point of view of the customer, you have to take usability testing into the wild.

José Carbajo | 5 minute read


Why product managers can learn from Jazz musicians

Jazz musicians invent as they play, improvising with a loose structure, and letting the music steer them. They don’t know where the music will end up when they start. That's what makes jazz exciting, and uncomfortable. Sound familiar?

Ken Norton discusses what product managers can learn from jazz musicians and why it’s so important to make yourself uncomfortable.

Ken Nornton | 10 minute read

Designing Tomorrowland

Seven cities spent six months racing to answer the question - how do you get to the city of the future? They were competing for a $40 million start-up prize from the U.S. Department of Transportation, which asked them to juggle three big ideas: automation, climate change and urban inequality. Take a look at Tomorrowland.

Washington Post | 7 minute read

The best (and worse) practices in user onboarding.

Every product demands a certain amount of effort from the user to become successful with it. While the best onboarding processes are like smoothly paved trails, for many products they feel more like obstacle runs. This article breaks down some of the important lessons in designing for user retention.

Userlike | 8 minute read

Fintech revolution or evolution?

In this episode of the a16z podcast, the team dissect the current payments landscape to understand how far along we are towards the vision of a 'cashless, cardless, walletless, frictionless future' for fintech. Buzzfeed News technology reporter, Charlie Warzel, is a special guest. You might remember him from this recent story, where he got a microchip implanted in his hand while trying to go cashless for an entire month. Now, that's commitment.

a16z | 45 minute listen


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