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After exploring Apple's Indoor Survey framework, Engineer Ken Boucher shares his early thoughts on indoor mapping and we share the team's recommended reading for your summer. In addition, if you are planning the release of your app into app stores, make sure you help people find it with our quick start guide to ASO.


Daniel Joseph, The App Business


A step in the right direction with indoor mapping

Digital mapping was a game-changer. Whilst Google/Apple Maps, Citymapper and satnavs haven't replaced the A-Z, road signs or paper maps, they have certainly made a huge impact on the overall experience of wayfinding.

However, these solutions are limited in their coverage. What about navigating indoors? We have been exploring indoor mapping and pathfinding courtesy of Apple's new Indoor Survey framework, and taking a closer look at the impressive opportunity it represents to bridge the indoor gap to create an end-to-end journey experience. Learn more over on our blog.

Ken Boucher | 5 minute read

A quick start guide to ASO

Similar to its web cousin SEO, App Store Optimisation (ASO) aims to make sure that your app ranks as highly as possible in app store search results. Since a huge amount of downloads are driven by search in both the App Store and the Play, optimising your apps for ranking has never been more important.

We often get asked how to optimise an app for search, so we combined our mobile know-how with Branded3's search expertise to create a handy checklist that will help ensure you have the proper foundations in place. Check it out over on Slideshare.

The App Business/Branded3 | 3 minute read

#TABReads Summer Edit

Our book list is back with 20 great book suggestions to top up your summer reading list. One year on from our original reading list, we bring you suggestions from across multiple disciplines at TAB. Inside you will find recommendations ranging from modern romance in the digital age, to building and scaling highly motivated teams - there's something for everyone.

Emily Maginess | 3 minute read


What question is Tesla answering?

There has been a lot of analysis about Tesla, and whether it represents incremental (not disruptive) innovation in the auto space. In this insightful post, Horace Dediu argues that Tesla’s investment in Solar City suggests that the right way to think about Tesla is as an effort to accelerate a global transition away from hydrocarbon energy.

Horace Dediu | 5 minute read

Understanding jobs-to-be-done

Good piece from Paul Adams, VP of Product at Intercom, on how they have applied the Jobs-to-be-Done framework to the business of making software. This article has a good, concrete explanation of why this approach works so well.

Paul Adams | 5 minute read

From not working, to neural networking

The Economist published a great special report on Artificial Intelligence, starting with this interesting history of AI – and what happened four years ago to make it such a big topic in tech today.

The Economist | 10 minute read

Where machines could replace humans - and where they can't (yet)

McKinsey have written an in-depth research piece around automation and the importance of understanding, from a technical perspective, what this means for businesses and organisations. They also provide a framework for top executives to think about the opportunities of automation, and to help them prepare for the future and the significant challenges that will arise.

McKinsey | 12 minute read

Software programs the world

A 40-minute podcast with the two founders of Andreessen Horowitz around the continuation of their 'software is eating the world' thesis. During this podcast, the founders look at the past and current technology shifts and trends, covering cloud and SaaS; artificial intelligence; machine learning; deep learning, and quantum computing. They also examine the role of hardware, future interfaces and data - all to come to the conclusion that now, 'software programs the world'.

Andreessen Horowitz | 40 minute listen


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