Welcome to TAB Updates #25

This edition has a pronounced financial theme, as Brett Thornton breaks down the critical challenges retail banks are facing today. Meanwhile, Marco Sousa comments on the need to make money tangible again in our increasingly cashless society.


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Retail banks and the point of no return

From disruptive new players to a challenging regulatory environment, Senior Strategist Brett Thornton argues retail banks are fast approaching an important tipping point from which there can be no return.

In this post, Brett provides a succinct summary of the tough climate and key challenges banks face today and argues that the time to act is now. A snappy primer that sets the tone for a number of future posts focused on retail banking, make sure you check it out.

Brett Thornton | 6 minute read

Making money tangible in a digital world

Remember when your loose change used to clink about in your back pocket? Times have certainly changed, and physical money tokens are fast disappearing. As money becomes more invisible and intangible, however, so keeping track of our spending and cash flow has become increasingly hard.

Senior Product Designer, Marco Sousa, makes the case for better banking apps: products that help us take back control of our fluid finances by making money tangible once again.

Marco Sousa | 4 minute read


Money as message

Andreessen Horowitz's Connie Chan breaks down WeChat and takes a closer look at how the Chinese messaging app persuaded users to adopt payments as a way to grow its network. In particular, Connie discusses how WeChat leveraged the power of a cultural meme, ‘red envelopes’, to compel users to link their payment details to their WeChat accounts. Pretty darned smart.

Connie Chan | 10 minute read

The dawn of PSD2

PSD2 represents one of the single biggest changes in banking history because it’s the first time banks will be obligated by law to open their infrastructures to third parties. In this special edition webinar, Jouk Pleiter and Jelmer de Jong of Backbase talk about what PSD2 means for the banking industry, and how can banks can prepare for this bold new shift.

Jouk Pleiter & Jelmer de Jong | 1 hour webinar

The way we bank now

BBA’s The Way We Bank Now explores digital technology's pervasive influence on our banking behaviour. It also shows that, for the first time, customers are choosing to use mobile apps more than banks’ websites. In fact, people are using apps more than all other forms of banking put together – including in branch, telephone, and online. A useful report on today's banking context.

BBA | 44 pages

Tesla: the second coming

Elon Musk, Co-Founder and CEO of Tesla Motors, recently released the next instalment of his Master Plan: Part Deux. Musk sketches a vision of a totally integrated, carbon-free energy enterprise offering a wider range of vehicles, products and services beyond electric cars and batteries. Dive in and prepare to be excited about the future of mobility.

Elon Musk | 7 minute read

Network effects

Another classic from our favourite podcast - a16z. This episode talks about network effects - what they are, what the difference is between a network and a viral effect and, importantly, why business need to create them. Intrigued - or confused? Either way, make sure you tune in for this great pick.

a16z | 48 minute listen

Glimpses of the future

Much admired researcher and ethnographer Jan Chipchase spends a lot of time in unusual places at the fringes of technology, observing and cataloguing how 'things' and behaviours are changing. His recent list of 61 glimpses is full of fascinating tidbits about how those in central Asia are using mobile - not to mention what it’s like to explore that part of the world.

Jan Chipchase | 7 minute read


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