Happy Birthday (to us)!

Here's issue #26 - which, unbelievably, means that we have completed our very first year of TAB Updates. Where did that time go?

We have loved curating our newsletter - sharing with you our latest thinking, and mixing it up with the articles, podcasts, videos and reports from across the web that have got our own team talking. We have lots of ideas for how it will evolve over the course of the next twelve months, and as ever - your feedback is always welcome.

In this birthday edit, make sure to check out Hamish Vallabh's overview of the ways our demand for seamless, connected experiences are driving change within the transport industry. We also have Part 2 of Ken Boucher's indoor mapping post, and a roundup of the best posts from our first year of TAB Updates.


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Our baby is growing up fast. As TAB Updates hits its first anniversary, we take a look back at our top five posts from Year One.

1. A robust multi-environment build setup
Senior Engineer, Sam Dods, breaks down the best solutions for a robust and reliable multi-environment build setup in Xcode. A hugely popular technical post, which also featured in iOS Dev Weekly.

2. The app is dead: how to think about the future of apps
Senior Strategist, Brett Thornton, takes closer look at the changing nature of apps as we enter a period often referred to as 'post-app mobility.' A fantastic primer on the transition of apps from a small, standalone icon on your homescreen to a complex ecosystem of services, surfaces and interactions.

3. Prototyping: creating what the user really wants
Senior Product Designer, Marco Sousa, takes a look at how we use prototyping in our design process here at TAB. From sketching to hi-fi prototypes, Marco explores why it is essential to our process and a critical step in helping us maximise value and minimise waste.

4. Building an MVP without sacrificing 'wow' factor
It's not uncommon for us encounter misconceptions about what an MVP is, and what it isn't. Scrum Master, Anna Fletcher Morris, sets the record straight with a look at why a great MVP is important - and how even your product's very first incarnation can still delight your users.

5. Usability testing: top survival tips from the BP forecourt
In this extended read, Product Owner, José Carbajo, explains why, to really understand the end-to-end experience from the point of view of the customer, you have to take usability testing into the wild.

The App Business

Apps are changing the way we move

TAB Strategist, Hamish Vallabh, explores the broad term 'mobility' in the context of one particular industry that, very literally, helps us move from A to B: transport. From the way we drop our kids off at school, to how we do our grocery shopping, the way we move is changing fast.

Hamish Vallabh | 6 minute read

Indoor Mapping: the Spitfire proof of concept

In his last post, Ken Boucher discussed how Apple's new Indoor Survey app and the functionality of indoor mapping might just be the missing link in the ability to create a connected, end-to-end wayfinding experience. In this follow-up piece, Ken takes a more technical look at how we explored indoor mapping with a lean proof-of-concept - mapping out our very own HQ, the Spitfire Building.

Ken Boucher | 7 minute read



Interesting read around the future of healthcare and the potential power that AI systems, like IBM Watson, have. From helping to diagnose people by data mining against a database of more than 100 million valuations (which proved to be more accurate than a nurse with 30 years experience) to this creepy robot that addresses the problem of remembering to take your pills, AI might be in its early days, but it's certainly getting ready to impact the healthcare industry.

Grace Caffyn | 8 minute read

Self-driving cars - coming to a city near you soon...

Alyson Shontell of Tech Insider talks to top Silicon Valley investor, Chris Dixon, who predicts what the world will look like in 10 years when our roads are full of self-driving cars. He believes that self-driving cars will be widely adopted sooner than most people think, and will radically change what cities look like as well as the role that car manufacturing companies play. A fascinating read.

Alyson Shontell | 16 minute read

What can you learn from 6 months of playing with VR?

Sky is keen on being a pioneer when it comes to the world of VR, so they established a 10-person team whose single role over the past six months has been to explore the possibilities for VR in the realms of entertainment, news and sport. Aside from having pretty much the best job ever, the team learned an awful lot about using VR to create an engaging broadcasting platform.

Jessica Davies | 4 minute read



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