Welcome to Issue 27 of TAB Updates.

We continue to look at the role spaces play in supporting high performing teams, and you can also learn more about one of our core TAB principles, Pull the Cord, with a closer look at the role it plays in creating high quality mobile products. And don't forget to check out an engineering write up of our recent IoT boat building escapade...

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend!

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


The importance of pulling the cord

If something goes awry on a project, however small, it pays to call it out early - before it snowballs into something much more costly. It's all too easy, however, for a problem to be overlooked because no-one took the time to pull the cord.

Pull the Cord is an important TAB principle: it's a safety and quality measure that means anyone can and should halt a project when they spot something amiss. In this post, Scrum Master, Anna Fletcher Morris, explores why and how to adopt it effectively.

Anna Fletcher Morris | 5 minute read

Unpacking creative spaces: free furniture

As an Agile Coach, Christina Ohanian knows that creating the optimum space for her team has an important effect on their performance. In this recent post, and the last of a mini series in which she unpacks creative spaces, Christina discusses how the furniture we choose can directly impact the working culture we create.

Catch up with her previous posts on creative spaces below:

Christina Ohanian | 3 minute read

Choose your flavour

Native, web or hybrid? The decision on which route to take when developing an app continues to be a hot topic and a common question from clients. In this repost of a popular article from our site, we share a imaginative take on the dilemma with an unusual analogy to Coca-Cola.

The App Business | 6 minute read


The war on cash

A very interesting take on exactly what it means to have a 'cashless society'. While contactless and mobile payments are certainly convenient, Brett Scott takes a looks at the broader societal implications when payments operate solely through electronic means.

Brett Scott | 12 minute read

Tim Cook on Apple's values, mistakes, and seeing around corners

Apple seems to be opening up about its inner workings - here's Tim Cook, for example, speaking to Fast Company's Rick Tetzeli about a wide range of topics. Read on as the CEO of the most valuable company in the world talks management styles, AI and Apple's interest in health.

Fast Company | 13 minute read

The newest bank in town

TAB's favourite mobile-only bank, Monzo (formerly Mondo) is now officially, well, a bank. The Bank of England recently gave authorisation to the FinTech startup to conduct banking activities - albeit with some restrictions. A huge milestone for Monzo to have reached.

Monzo | 3 minute read

Uber's first self-driving fleet

Uber ups the stakes once again as it announces its first self-driving (supervised) cars. Built by Volvo, the fleet will hit the streets of Pittsburgh by the end of the month. The second you take the driver out of the car, the economies of Uber look even better for both riders and investors.

Max Chafkin | 8 minute read

Imaging, Snapchat and mobile

Ben Evans explores the power of the smartphone camera as a sensor for much more than just taking photos. He argues that in the same way a smartphone can do so much more than a traditional telephone, a smartphone camera can do so much more than a digital one - with new types of content, as well as new interaction models.

Ben Evans | 5 minute read


Inside TAB: IoT boat building

Our annual summer gathering is an important chance for TABbers to unwind, and have fun whilst learning. This year saw the team take over King's Cross Natural Pond Club with an exciting activity that centred on IoT: could we build, and race, ten IOT remote controlled model boats?

While we won't be taking on P&O anytime soon, check out this technical write up from the man behind the event's big idea, Senior Engineer Rob Ladbrook, as over 100 TABbers set out with only their '...wit, creativity and technical prowess to deliver a floating wonder.'

Rob Ladbrook | 5min read

Open roles

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