Welcome to Issue 28

With all the announcements from Apple this week, our latest newsletter has a particularly fruity flavour, with two useful summaries for you: a recap on the latest hardware news, and an overview of iOS 10 (available as a downloadable Slideshare deck).

You can also catch up on our approach to an interesting hackathon challenge recently, and get our usual roundup of the most interesting stories from around the web - as curated by our strategists.


Daniel Joseph, The App Business


An easier, greener way to reorder everyday goods

A crack team of TABbers were recently invited by one of our clients to take part in a hackathon. The challenge was to make reordering day-to-day products friction-free, while still encouraging consumers to recycle. Our team saw an exciting opportunity to investigate and prototype a different approach using the most common digital sensor available: the camera.

George Proudfoot | 4 minute read

Inside Apple: the latest product news and announcements

Amidst all the usual rumours and excitement, Apple announced a range of new and improved products this week. Included was the launch of the new iPhone 7 range, the Watch Series 2, and the new wireless AirPods. Here's Senior Strategist Brett Thornton with a useful recap of what the advancements are, and what they mean for the future.

Brett Thornton | 3 minute read

Breaking down iOS 10

In addition to all the hardware news, Apple also expanded upon iOS 10. Building upon our WWDC round up earlier this year, here's a handy overview of the latest mobile operating system from Apple. In it, we focus on two key themes and what Apple's latest OS upgrade means for your product.

Emily Maginess | 17 slides


AirPods and why they matter

In this brilliant breakdown, Brain Roemmele examines why the new AirPods are much more than just wireless headphones. He argues that the AirPods indicate a new paragram shift, and may indeed become a whole new voice-first device platform.

Brian Roemmele | 6 minute read

The evolution of transport-as-a-service

Self-driving cars are certainly the zeitgeist in 2016. In case you missed some of the big news recently, Ben Thompson provides a recap as well as detailing the evolution of transport-as-a-service (TaaS).

Ben Thompson | 10 minute read

Google is about to take on Uber in a big way

Following on the transport theme from the article above, Google recently announced that it will be expanding its navigation app to include a ride-sharing service, putting it in direct competition with Uber. This is just the latest wrinkle in what is becoming an increasingly strained relationship between the two companies, made even more interesting by the fact that Google was an early investor in Uber.

Time | 2 minute read

It's complicated

Another great podcast from the crew over at a16z. In this episode, they look at how complex computing systems have become - to the point where no single person can understand all of it.

a16z | 18 minute listen

Yuval Noah Harari on big data, Google and the end of free will

An incredible and thought-provoking read that discusses how humanism is slowly being eroded and replaced by 'dataism'. As we are learning more about the human body, brain and our emotions, data scientists are unleashing unprecedented data processing power. Will there eventually be external systems that can monitor and understand your feelings better than you?

FT | 12 minute read


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