Issue 29 is hot off the press

In this edition, be sure to catch Brett Thornton as he outlines six core capabilities that provide an invaluable lens through which retail banks should urgently rethink their services for the mobility era.

We also take a closer look at the importance of widgets in crafting a richer, more engaged user experience. In case you missed it, you can also catch up on our recent experiment with indoor mapping at TAB HQ, and get your regular dose of Strategy Bites, our curated finds from across the web.


Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Retail banks: driving success in the mobility era

In his last post, Senior Strategist Brett Thornton discussed his view that, thanks to a combination of technology, changing behaviour and regulatory environments, retail banks are at the point of no return. In this follow-up piece, Brett lays out our Strategic Mobility Framework: grounded in comprehensive research, the framework outlines six core capabilities banks must embrace in order to thrive in the mobility era.

Brett Thornton | 7 minute read

The rise of widgets

We have written before about the rapidly changing nature of apps - how they are unbundling across and within devices - and one area where we can see this in action is the rise of widgets. In themselves, they aren't new but with the launch of iOS 10, it's clear to see how much they have evolved, becoming richer and more visible. Product Designer, Nicolò Arena, takes a closer look at why widgets offer important new ways to enrich the user experience, and offers some top tips on what makes a great widget.

Nicolò Arena | 4 minute read

Mapping the Spitfire Building

iOS Engineer, Ken Boucher, has been exploring Apple's new Indoor Survey app lately, and sees big potential in its ability to help create a more connected, end-to-end wayfinding experience. In this technical piece, Ken gets hands on with the technology as he embarks on an experiment to map our very own HQ, the Spitfire Building.

The App Business


The Apple Watch and its shifting strategy

Another great piece from Ben Thompson as he digs into the Apple Watch’s refocus around health and fitness. Ben examines what this positioning means for the wearable market, and eventually the future direction of Apple ‘beyond the iPhone’.

Ben Thompson | 9 minute read

Chatbots: revolution, not fad

Message apps have surpassed social networks in terms of monthly active users, and with this, companies are starting to realise the potential of chatbots inside messages. Chris Messina argues that their unique ability to meet users where they already are, provide deep engagement and inspire an almost intimate customer loyalty, is sure to usher in a revolution.

Chris Messina | 8 minute read

Apple x McLaren?

It has been reported that Apple are in talks to buy supercar maker, McLaren. Although not confirmed, the tie-up could dramatically accelerate Apple’s secret automotive project, ‘Titan’. The news comes after dozens of employees are said to have recently departed the project. It looks as though Apple are refocusing their efforts on the underlying self-driving system, rather than the electric car itself - a shift away from always owning both the hardware and software.

Financial Times | 7 minute read

The Big Auto Arms Race

While Apple are out acquiring automakers, automakers are trying their utmost to acquire tech startups. GM, BMW, Audi, Volvo and many more are in a venture arms race to buy the hottest talent in ride-hailing, AI, and mapping in an effort to spread their innovation bets. This handy graphic highlights where they are investing.

CB Insights | 4 minute read

Mobility shapes the way we move

Lyft co-founder, John Zimmer, sketches out the problem with cars today, exploring how they have influenced the built environment and how Lyft plans to replace them with its own autonomous vehicle network. Check out this extended read that reminds us there is a third transport revolution on its way.

John Zimmer | 23 minute read


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