Here it is - issue number 3 of our fortnightly TAB Updates.

Before you get stuck into the articles below, we are delighted to announce we have been ranked in The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 for the second year running - 2015 has seen us climb five places to number 24, as the largest high quality, dedicated mobile specialist in the Top 25.

The Tech Track 100 ranking lists private technology companies in the UK who have achieved the fastest growth in the past three years - it’s a fantastic testament to the continued hard work of the entire team, and the big ambitions of our clients.

And on that high note - happy reading!

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


The future of your TV: from gogglebox to home hub?

TAB Strategist George Proudfoot has been musing over the future of your TV. With a new focus on utility, George argues that the ‘smart’ TV of the future could see innovation at a whole new level. Check out what’s in store for your gogglebox, and the new role it could play in your home.

George Proudfoot

6 principles of good co-location

Here at TAB, we believe that the best way to communicate effectively is face-to-face. For us, working alongside our clients in collaborative environments is a fundamental aspect of creating great software products. But co-location isn't easy, and it involves hard work from both product and client teams. Senior Product Owner Tim Checkley talks through our 6 principles of good co-location.

Tim Checkley


How the Beeb tests new ideas

The BBC R&D team share lessons about how they test concepts in a lightweight way, including some valuable tools and methods for researching and mapping an experience. Well worth a read!


Uber 2.0 and the self-driving car

Analyst Ben Thompson crunches the numbers on Uber’s viability as a means of commuting to work everyday. He breaks down what he dubs as Uber 2.0 - the company’s long-term future of self-driving cars. Could they ultimately spell the end for car ownership altogether? Here’s to communal cars, saving the environment and doing away with the tedium of car insurance comparisons.


Apple Watch survey shows ultra high levels of usage

Whilst there’s been a lot of debate about how the Apple Watch has been selling, iMore’s inaugural Apple Watch survey chose not to focus on the sales stats, but the more important question of just what everyone was doing with it. With over 8,000 respondents, the survey produced some fascinating insights about Apple Watch behaviour - for anyone involved in making mobile software, this is a really valuable read.


Is your mobile behaviour appropriate?

As mobile devices continue to permeate modern society, a new report by the Pew Research Centre explores American views about the appropriateness of smartphone use. Views were shared on usage in public places, at social gatherings and - perhaps most fascinating of all - the way those opinions sometimes conflict with behaviour.

Pew Research Centre

It’s a kind of magic: losing control of our own technology

A provocative piece from Crystal Bennes, exploring how we are ultimately losing control of our own technology because it’s become so complex that we often have no idea how any of it really works. It goes on to describe how we’re delegating responsibilities to algorithms, and at the same time accepting what they give us in return as ‘magic’.

Crystal Bennes


TAB’s Top 10 TED Talks

We love a good keynote, and over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been doing the rounds at TAB HQ to gather the team’s favourite TED Talks. We’ve compiled a list of the Top Ten, with a quick overview of why you need each in your life. Set up a TAB playlist for yourself, and let the knowledge come to you…

Emily Maginess


Dribbble, London and design

Next week, we will be hosting our second London Dribbble meetup. In the run up, TAB’s Senior Product Designer Marco Sousa has been giving Dribbble the low-down on our King’s Cross HQ, the London design scene and why he loves this city.

Marco Sousa

#play14 - London edition

We're hosting #play14's London edition meetup at TAB HQ this weekend! #play14 is an 'unconference' for people looking to explore learn-by-doing methods, so we're looking forward to some Serious Play! Stand by for photos.

The App Business