It's the big three-zero for TAB Updates

In this 30th edition of our newsletter, we include a downloadable guide to the Amazon Echo, and its voice enabled assistant, Alexa - with a closer look at what it could mean for your business.

In addition, we have included a recap of a great talk by author Jeff Gothelf, who joined us at TAB HQ recently to kick off our TABTalks series - a big thanks to Jeff for his time. Jeff follows hot on the heels of another great speaker who joined us at TAB earlier this year - Barry O'Reilly, author of Lean Enterprise.

And finally, in addition to our regular Strategy Bites, don't forget to check out Lead Engineer Swav Kulinski's key takeaways from his trip to a recent Google Developer Day.


Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Just Ask Alexa

The Amazon Echo and Alexa - its embedded, voice-activated assistant - is finally available in the UK. A smash hit in the US where it launched two years ago, the device has been eagerly awaited on this side of the pond.

Prior to its UK launch, we had already begun prototyping and experimenting - testing the Echo and Alexa's constraints, and exploring the many ways it can be used to dramatically enhance the customer experience across a range of industries. To bring you up to speed, we include here a short guide to give you a succinct introduction to the Echo and Alexa, and provide a closer look at what it might mean for your business.

The App Business | 4 page guide

TABTalk #1: Scaling Lean

Our inaugural TABTalk took place last week, with a very special guest in the form of Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX and with a brand new book, Sense & Respond, on the horizon. Widely renowned as a leading authority on agility, design and leadership, Jeff provided the team with an insightful look at why everybody is now in the software business, and the best way to help large organisations become leaner. Here, we share some particular highlights from the talk.

Shaun Cullen | 4 minute read

Key takeaways: Google Developer Day for Agencies

We are in the fortunate position at TAB to be among the first to see, and give feedback on, some of the latest things Google are working on. Recently, Lead Android Engineer, Swav Kulinski, attended a Google Developer Day to get a sense of the direction Google is heading in. Read on for some of the key takeaways from the day.

Swav Kulinski | 5 minute read


A closer look at Spectacles

The newly renamed Snap Inc. (formally Snapchat), have made their first move into hardware with ‘Spectacles’. These brightly coloured sunglasses come with an embedded camera that records 10-second video clips. In many ways, Spectacles are the antithesis of Google Glass - and could well do a lot better at convincing people to actually wear them. Read Ben Thompson’s analysis to get a sense of why this move matters.

Ben Thompson | 8 minute read

How AI will change the world

AI is one of the hottest topics in tech right now. There are many opinions on what it is, and what it will mean, for us all in the future. If there is one man who knows a thing or two about the future of tech, it's Marc Andreessen, and he was recently interviewed on the topic by Vox. Be sure to check it out.

Timothy Lee | 10 minute read

Wearables for dinner?

The potential of wearables within enterprise has been a topic of speculation for some time, particularly in the service industry. One restaurant in the States is going for it in a big way with Apple Watches.

Daniela Galarza | 4 minute read

Echoing Amazon's Alexa

Not wanting to be outdone by the Amazon Echo, Apple’s offering reportedly isn’t far behind. The Cupertino crew initially tried to integrate voice functionality into the Apple TV, and then more recently into the remote - but it seems that consumers really want a standalone device.

Bloomberg | 5 minute read

Introducing Bitcoin BTMs

Bitcoins seem to have been around forever - and yet, without ever truly breaking into the mainstream. There are some companies, however, who are trying to change that by installing BTMs (Bitcoin Teller Machines), which allow much easier access to the cryptocurrency. Will this be a game changer?

Jamie Redman | 2 minute read


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