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In this issue, Senior Strategist George Proudfoot discusses the enormous business potential of connected sensors and why the recent Snap announcement of Spectacles might just prove a watershed moment for face wearables.

Strategist Marcus Southon also takes a look at the latest hardware from the most recent Google event, while Senior iOS Engineer Sam Dods gives a rundown on how to create robust, multi-environment build setups.


Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Every company is a camera company

Sensors are becoming more and more common in our everyday environment and, if the newly renamed Snap Inc has anything to do with it, they might even have become stylish enough to actually wear on our faces.

Starting with a closer look at one of our most humble sensors, the camera, Senior Strategist George Proudfoot discusses the enormous business potential and diversity of these connected sensors.

George Proudfoot | 4 minute read

Google becomes a hardware company?

In Google's second keynote of the year, what particularly stood out was the combined hardware and software effort: more so than we typically see from the tech giant. Tying it all together is the new Google Assistant - the result of many years of fine tuning from Google on machine learning and natural language processing.

Strategist Marcus Southon provides a handy overview of the new additions you should be aware of, and discusses how this latest set of announcements indicates a step change for Google - one that goes way beyond the smartphone, and moving us ever closer toward a connected world.

Marcus Southon | 3 minute read

A robust multi-environment build setup

In this technical deep dive, Senior iOS Engineer Sam Dods highlights the importance of supporting multiple build environments on a project,. In discussing our approach to this at TAB, Sam explains that we only arrived at this solution after iteratively improving on other methods. With that in mind, Sam explains how our robust alternative holds up where others fail.

Sam Dods | 7 minute read


Echo, interfaces and friction

Ben Evans offers typically valuable insight on the unbundling of the smartphone’s capability. He argues that while mobile phones have 'swallowed' other products for a long time - cameras, clocks, music players - sometimes, it works in reverse. Take a look at Amazon Echo, for example.

Ben Evans | 7 minute read

Driverless car is tested on UK streets for the first time

Britain saw its first driverless car get a road test earlier this week, as part of a trial series aiming to introduce autonomous vehicles to the country by 2020. The two-seater electric powered pod was fitted with software developed by the Oxford Robotics Institute.

Costas Pitas | 3 minute read

Banks explore VR interviews

Lloyds have been trialling ways in which they can use virtual reality for next year's intake of graduates. Applicants will be transported to a 360-degree virtual world where they will be required to show how they would handle a virtual situation, as opposed to simply describing their approach to an interviewer. As if interviews weren’t scary enough already...

Victoria Wollastan | 1 minute read

Insur-tech push for smarter homes

Could a revamp of the insurance industry transform how we manage our homes? Insurers including USAA and American Family have offered discounts to those fitting their homes with internet-connected devices. Although there are mixed views on consequential new risks, it's hoped that the benefits will far outweigh any drawbacks.

Stacey Higginbotham | 3 minute read

The most frequently used words in startup bios

Where is tech heading next? Well, one way to explore this question is to analyse the terms that startups use to describe themselves. Which, incidentally, is exactly what CB Insights did.

CB Insights | 6 minute read


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