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In this issue, we continue to examine the state of retail banking in the UK. Strategist Clara Monnet takes a closer look at the existing mobile offerings of the UK's six biggest high street banks. In addition, Scrum Master Anna Fletcher Morris more closely examines a particular Agile Principle - and as always, we have our best-of-the-web Strategy Bites.


Daniel Joseph, The App Business


The pursuit of product excellence

Our Strategy team have been examining the inflection point UK retail banks face in 2016. We have previously introduced our Strategic Mobility Framework to help banks manage and think through the changes ahead.

In this short, snappy deck, we zoom in on the first pillar from our Framework, product excellence. We set out to assess which of the UK's six major high street retail banks was achieving mobile product excellence, today, with their existing apps. The deck summarises the findings from our research, and highlights the many quick wins to be had.

Clara Monnet | 14 slides

Are you a chicken, or a pig?

Neither sounds particularly flattering, we know, but the fable of the chicken and the pig is one of the ways we illustrate the importance of of teamwork and close collaboration between all parts of a product team: from stakeholders to engineers, client-side to in-house.

TAB Scrum Master, Anna Fletcher Morris, explains in more detail and in turn, unpacks a core principle of Agile - that business people and developers must work together, daily, throughout a project.

Anna Fletcher Morris | 5 minute read


Google Assistant will trigger the next chapter of AI

During a conference on Google Campus this week, Fernando Pereira, who leads Google’s projects in natural language understanding, discussed his vision for AI. According to Pereira, in just two years, we’ll have moved from ‘systems that are explicitly taught, to ones that implicitly learn.' Could this mean goodbye to Siri as we know it, and hello to the all-knowing Google Assistant?

Steven Levy | 10 minute read

The end of the touchscreen era is drawing nigh

History may remember the decade between 2007 and 2017 as a brief and peculiar period when people barely spoke to their phones, according to Mark Harris from the Economist. In this post, he explains why the future will involve emotionally intelligent virtual assistants. Just when we had got used to the last lot...

Mark Harris | 6 minute read

Hacked IoT devices caused massive internet outage

A chunk of the internet went down this week, causing outages and network congestion across websites such as Twitter, Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix. The root cause was millions of hacked IoT devices - mainly, it seems, IP webcams with less than decent security. The worrying fact is that most users don’t know that their device has been hacked and, furthermore, the manufacturers often don’t have the motivation to fix the problem. A thought-provoking read.

Kerbs on Security | 4 minute read

American banks announce Zelle, a PayPal-like mobile payments service

Perhaps a little late to the game, Zelle has been announced - a bank-owned payments network that connects America’s five biggest banks. It might sound great to some, but we can’t help feeling that it might end up a bit like CurrentC…

Recode | 1 minute read

Lyft launches monthly passes for shared rides

Lyft follows Uber in announcing monthly passes for shared rides. The passes provide customers with constant access to rides in various US cities at more affordable prices, marking another step towards fully autonomous transport networks.

Lyft | 2 minute read


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