Here's TAB Updates Issue 33

This edition speaks volumes about the potential of voice-enabled services, as Architecture Owner Khalil Dimachkie gets under the hood of the Amazon Echo and Alexa, with a closer look at how both work. Strategist Clara Monnet, meanwhile, looks at how Alexa could add value to us all when it comes to hands-free banking from home.


Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Getting to know Amazon's Alexa

Over the last six months, we have been busy experimenting, prototyping and building Skills for Amazon's Alexa - the voice service that lives inside a variety of 'homes', most notably the Amazon Echo. This has given our strategists, engineers and designers the opportunity to validate our thinking around how voice-enabled services as a whole can add value for our clients.

Here we share the first of two posts that get under the hood of the Amazon Echo, as well as Alexa herself. Architecture Owner Khalil Dimachkie provides a succinct technical introduction, including a breakdown of how Skills work. Keep an eye out for his next post, where we will share some of technical lessons we learned during our experiments.

Khalil Dimachkie | 5 minutes

Is voice the future of banking at home?

Strategist Clara Monnet kicks off a series that takes a broad look at how certain industries can take advantage of voice and Conversational UX - in this case, with a closer look at how Alexa can help.

This post focuses on banking, where Clara notes that since the majority of day-to-day personal banking consists of short interactions, such as checking our balance, there are clear advantages to having a hands-free, personal banking assistant in your home. Inside this blog, we include three audio snippets from a recent personal banking demo that reveal Alexa in action.

You can also check out this deck, in which Clara takes a look at product excellence in existing banking apps, and highlights the many mobile opportunities still to be seized.

Clara Monnet | 8 minutes


How to make a firehose of feedback useful

A useful read from Kenneth Berger, as he shares his wisdom on how to make effective use of customer feedback. He outlines some of the key biases that need to be looked out for, and how to work against them. Berger articulates the importance of paying attention to both quantitative and qualitative data, and how to go about it in a rigorous way.

Kenneth Berger | 15 minute read

Get the most out of your research with storytelling

A brilliant guide to creating compelling research debriefs and how to present them in a powerful and meaningful way - through narrative storytelling. In this blog, Jillian Wells explains a process for turning data - whether observations from research or simply thoughts you want to communicate - into a clear and flowing story.

Jillian Wells | 5 minute read

Understanding the importance of JTBD

Clayton Christensen co-created the ‘Jobs-To-Be-Done’ (JTBD) framework. In this interview to Quartz, Christensen summarises what this theory is all about, and why it is the flipside of the coin to the theory of disruption.

Quartz | 6 minute read

Redesigning the Uber app

A behind-the-scenes look at the big redesign of the Uber app from one of the designers who worked on it. The original Uber promise of 'push a button, get a ride' doesn't necessarily fit with the Uber we see today, so the question became, 'Where to?' A useful reminder about redesigning a service around one very important person - the user.

Didier Hilhorst | 6 minute read

The ultimate guide to chatbots

Humans are innately wired to be conversational, so it's no wonder messaging platforms have become the most used apps on our phones. This article breaks down the exciting potential of chatbots living in messaging ecosystems, and the reasons why they’re and important part of the future app integrations.

Joe Toscano | 12 minute read


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