In this edition of TAB Updates (#34), we're delighted to be able to share our latest case study and provide a closer look at an innovative pilot project for TfL called Decelerator, exclusive to the iPad - be sure to check it out.

You can continue the transport theme with a closer look at how apps are changing the way we move, and learn more about the technical lessons we have gathered during our recent experimentation with Amazon's Alexa. To round it all off, there is a particularly eclectic selection of interesting reads from across the web, as part of our regular Strategy Bites.

Happy reading!

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


A first for Apple's iPad

Head over to the site this week to learn more about a project we are extremely proud of at TAB - Decelerator, for Transport for London (TfL). This highly innovative project is the world’s first mobile app to use the in-built gyroscope and accelerometer in an Apple iPad to accurately test train brakes.

The groundbreaking pilot project is part of TfL's broader mobile transformation agenda, and an excellent example of how mobile technology can keep London moving with greater efficiency. More cost effective to deploy than existing testing methods, Decelerator has the potential to drive significant cost savings across the network. And, because trains are kept in service during testing, Decelerator causes far less disruption to passengers.


Apps are changing the way we move

Strategist Hamish Vallabh takes a look at how we get from A to B in modern cities, and how we expect our mobile devices to help us do it. The humble smartphone app has quietly been unbundling jobs that the car used to do for years now, such as getting us to work or buying groceries, and it is uniquely placed to be able to deliver seamless, multi-modal travel.

Hamish Vallabh | 5 minute read

10 things Alexa couldn't tell us

After outlining the fundamentals of how the Amazon Echo and it's voice-enabled assistant Alexa work, Architecture Owner Khalil Dimachkie returns with a second post. In this piece, Khalil explores the things Alexa couldn't tell us - the technical lessons we discovered ourselves over the last six months of prototyping and building Skills.

Khalil Dimachkie | 6 minute read


Lessons from Honda's early adaptive strategy

Some particularly valuable and evergreen advice from the early days of Honda as they expanded into the US market. Rather than stick to their preconceptions of what the market was looking for, they were ready and willing to adapt to changing circumstances - worth a read.

HBR | 4 minute read

The evolution of your favourite apps

Incredibly interesting look back at what WhatsApp, Uber, LinkedIn and more looked like when they were first launched - a great reminder of how much visual design and user interfaces have changed and evolved over the last five years.

The Great Apps Timeline | 3 minute browse

Fitbit to buy Pebble

There have been multiple reports recently stating that Fitbit are in line to purchase Pebble. Most are stating that Fitbit will pay around $30-40 million for the staff and IP of the former Kickstarter. As it stands, it looks like the Pebble brand will be no more...

Engadget | 1 minute read

The rhythm of food trends

A really brilliant application of data visualisation created by a collaboration between Google News Lab and Truth and Beauty. This website shows how food trends rise and fall over the course of a 12 year period. It can also show, as accurately as week by week, how popular certain food items, recipes, and diets can change due to influences like holiday seasons or even just the weather.

Rhythm of Food | 5 minute browse


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