Welcome to issue #35.

In this final TAB Updates of the year, Head of Engineering, Stephen Wilson, shares his thoughts on using an established model to help stay ahead of emerging tech in 2017 and beyond.

We're also delighted to share a new client story over on our site, involving a brand new product proposition for ING: be sure to check it out.

The team will be back next year with more great stories, news and insights but in the meantime, from all of us here at TAB HQ, have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Accelerating mobile product innovation at ING with Yolt

In today’s contactless, ‘cashless’ world, it’s tricky to keep a handle on our money. Young people in particular are struggling under financial pressures that can make traditional goals hard to reach. Having been absent from the UK retail banking market for a number of years, ING’s Innovation Centre approached TAB to collaborate on a new, outcome-led strategy to address this core customer segment.

Head over to our site to read more about our work with ING, and how our strategic insight has been instrumental in shaping and laying the foundations for Yolt: a highly innovative new banking product, currently in Beta, and one of the first in the UK to herald a move toward more open banking.


How to be ready for whatever is coming next

Today, there’s a mobile phone in every pocket, and the mobile development ecosystem is mature - but don’t mistake that for the idea that it’s also standing still. It’s not. The pace of change and corresponding level of uncertainty has the potential to be confusing and potentially paralysing to the product and technology decisions that companies need to make.

In this opening post, TAB's Head of Engineering, Stephen Wilson, takes a look at an established, useful tool - the Three Horizons Model - and examines how it can be used to help companies constantly refine and structure their thinking on emerging technology.

Stephen Wilson | 8 minute read

Five things you can learn from Monzo

We have previously written about the challenges facing incumbent UK retail banks, and how existing mobile banking apps still struggle to deliver product excellence.

This begs the question, though: when it comes to product excellence, what exactly does 'good' look like? In response, TAB Grad Rachel Quartly took a closer look at one of the new players disrupting the banking status quo, Monzo. In Rachel's accompanying Slideshare deck, she serves up five short, snappy illustrations of product excellence in action from the bank 'as smart as your phone.'

Rachel Quartly | 10 slides


Mobile is eating the world

In this fantastic video, Ben Evans reflects on where we are today in the world of computing, and what this all means for tomorrow. Now that mobile has overtaken the PC s-curve, and is primed to replace the industry on which it was built, what does the future hold for the industries it touches, and our wider society? How might the electric engine and automated cars affect the ways our cities operate and are designed? What are the implications of voice UI?

Benedict Evans | 30 minute watch

15 for 17: tech trends in the year ahead

If you love a good trends piece, then check this article out for fifteen trends to watch in 2017. Encompassing everything from autonomous cars to your turkey being sprouted from a seed, this article offers succinct, inspiring insight into the future of health, food, media and more.

Venture Beat | 8 minute read

WeChat and the potential of conversational UX

This statistical piece looks at the huge success and reach of WeChat. From how many monthly active users they have (700m, in case you're wondering), to how often the app is used and the different activities conducted, this piece provides powerful insight into the future, and breadth, of conversational UX.

Walk the chat | 5 minute read

Apple's AirPods hit the shelves

Now that Apple's AirPods are available for sale, it is worth looking back to this excellent Brian Roemmele blog 'What are Apple AirPods and why are they important?'. Roemmele argues that this is only the beginning for AirPods as they begin to change the way we think about computers forever.

Quora | 6 minute read

Car parks converted into flats?

There is a pressing need and recognition amongst architects that buildings must adapt and evolve to accommodate significant changes to the way we live in the future. An example is this Tower in Seattle, a project which will include four floors of above ground parking that can be converted to individual apartments as we move towards a car-less society. Thought provoking stuff.

Wired | 4 minute read


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