TAB Updates returns for issue #38 with a behind-the-scenes theme this week. Strategists Marcus Southon and Jean-Francois Hector take a look at why we do things the way we do, here at TAB.

First up is Marcus with his thoughts on the importance of getting out of the research lab, or the innovation hub, when building something as critical as transport services and products. He takes a closer look at the lessons we have learned from our own favourite test lab - London. Meanwhile, Jean-Francois explores our outcome-led approach at TAB, why it matters and how it can unlock extraordinary new value - for your business, and your customers.


Daniel Joseph, The App Business


London Is Our Lab

From an award-winning journey planning experience to a highly innovative, cost efficient way of testing train brakes using an iPad, our ability to create breakthrough products and services within the transport sector is heavily shaped by our pragmatic, real world understanding of the complex infrastructure that shapes a unique city like London.

Strategist Marcus Southon explores three examples of where our ability to take products into the wild - testing on the streets, tunnels and tracks of London - has proved both highly instructive and critical to successful service design.

Marcus Southon | 7 minute read

Understanding Outcome-Driven Innovation

In this insightful primer to Outcome-Drive Innovation (ODI), Strategist Jean-Francois Hector serves up an overview of our ODI practice at TAB.

Understanding the outcomes people and businesses are trying to achieve - not the features you think they want - is a powerful way of putting your audience at the centre of every conversation, and every new product. We use this methodology to understand unmet and underserved needs, and focus us on the right opportunities to unlock tangible value.

Jean-Francois Hector | 6 minute read


Amazon Echo And Google Home To Consider Voice Calls

For those who thought the landline was dead, think again. Amazon and Google have announced that they are considering bringing voice calls to their smart home speakers, namely the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Though both organisations will face a number of hurdles in enabling this (naturally) it does seem like the logical next step...

The Verge | 1 minute read

Tapping Up New Data

With an ever-increasing array of connected devices in the world, businesses should start thinking about how they can leverage new, untapped data sources to make better informed decisions for the future. In the case of TfL, they conducted a month-long trial, gathering WiFi data from customers travelling in Zone 1. This enabled them to learn more about the way people move, and which ads they respond to best, whilst on the Tube - check it out.

Gizmodo | 10 minute read

Cars and Cities, the Autonomy Edition

This podcast explores the impact that the autonomous vehicle will have on both car manufacturers and the shape of our cities. For example, with car sharing as a service becoming more prevalent than ever before, manufacturers will need to start building cars for fleet owners over individuals. What will this mean for cities when time, attention and physical space are suddenly freed up and repurposed?

a16z | 32 minute podcast

Autonomous Ships: When, Not If

Rolls Royce's Oskar Levander, predicts that the future of autonomous ocean-going cargo ships is closer than you think: maybe as close as 10 to 15 years . Painting a powerful picture of what robotic ships will look like, he notes that developments in sensors, telecommunications and autonomous cars has now sparked the interest of ship manufacturers, who are working hard to turn their ideas into a reality.

IEEE Spectrum | 10 minute read

Ask Alexa For Your Morning Coffee

Starbucks has enabled voice ordering via Amazon's Alexa and their own iOS app, which saw a 4% increase in mobile transactions in the last quarter. Well-known for being early adopters of emerging technology, Starbucks' recent experiment is a further example of the rise of voice-as-interface, as it develops into a key new customer experience channel.

Fortune | 2 minute read


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