Just in time for your weekend reading, here's issue 39 of TAB Updates.

In this edit, discover how we helped one of Britain's most respected newspapers reinvent their mobile experience, take a closer look at the highly innovative Amazon Go concept, and catch up with the latest in our TAB Talks series. And, as usual, you can also explore the articles and news stories that we've been reading about here at TAB HQ recently, with our curated list of Strategy Bites.


The App Business


Driving delivery and best practice with The Telegraph

Recently, The Telegraph launched a brand new mobile experience on iOS and Android - and turned to TAB to help them deliver it. With the experience and visual design well underway, we used our outcome-led approach to clarify the product vision, ensuring it would meet the needs of a new generation of mobile-led readers. Our engineering team then worked side-by-side with The Telegraph to strengthen the company's internal capability, ensuing fast, high quality product delivery. Take a look at our recent client story to learn more.


Hey ho, Amazon Go

Originally posted over on Medium, catch up with this pithy post from Senior Strategist George Proudfoot as he takes a closer look at Amazon's new grocery concept, Amazon Go. Collecting sensor data from its shelves and in-store cameras, Amazon aim to provide the ultimate, seamless in-store customer experience.

George Proudfoot | 2 minute read

TAB Talks #3: from product idea to reality

Entrepreneur Tom Evans - founder of the endearing family of Bleepbleeps, - joined us recently for our third TAB Talks event. Sharing the story of a big idea, a bold career move, and a journey full of unexpected challenges, Tom provided a great talk with lots of important lessons about the road from product idea to reality. In this personal reflection, Product Designer Davi Campos shares his overview and highlights.

Davi Campos | 3 minute read


Amazon's friction-killing tactics

Kintan Brahmbhatt, a senior product strategist at Amazon, has made a career out of detecting and eliminating friction in consumer products. This article from First Round Review unpacks Brahmbhatt's thoughts on friction, and describes the 'mega shock' he encountered when integrating Amazon Music with Alexa, as customers began to find music in radically new ways. Fascinating stuff.

First Round Review | 15 minute read

Facebook and Snapchat: metrics vs. creation

Ben Evans provides a thoughtful look at the fundamental similarities and differences between two social media giants, Facebook and Snapchat. Like Google, Facebook can’t control what engages you, but rather surfs user behaviour on a wave of algorithms and data. On the other hand, Snapchat deliberately doesn't. Instead, it opts for fun, chaos and most importantly, creation. Can this relentless 'new' cycle structurally place Snap somewhere that Facebook can’t follow?

Benedict Evans | 9 minute read

How to find what you weren't looking for

This article by Adam Sweeney from Albion unpicks the flaws behind the ‘discovery’ tools we frequently use. ‘Discovery’ algorithms simply match-make our behavioural patterns with something familiar - but human irrationality, and curiosity led by instinct, is something machines have a hard time predicting. Embracing thinking from Chinese philosophy, history and science, Adam makes a case for regular, minor changes to shape future content for the better.

Albionites | 6 minute read

What happens when mobile (really) hits the wallet?

As the digital wallet prevails, the balance of power has shifted away from traditional bank account providers, as tech companies can now become the entry point to banking via mobile. In this video, a16z general partner Alex Rampell discusses current trends and opportunities in this space. He also explores what implications the digital wallet 'stack' has on banking, presenting new ways of bundling, and unbundling, the value chain.

Andreessen Horowitz | 25 minute video


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