Issue 4 of #TABUpdates has arrived!

In our previous update, I mentioned we had shot up the rankings of The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 - and I am pleased to say we have come top of the charts elsewhere, too.

The Drum’s Digital Census 2015 was released last week, and once again The App Business is a Top 10 company in the 51-99 size category, based on client feedback, peer review and financial performance. These are the ratings that really count and we couldn’t be happier with the result. You can read what fellow co-founder, Rob Evans, had to say about the recent results over here on our blog.

And now, on to the good stuff - happy reading!

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Grab something sweet for the weekend

The eagerly anticipated Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) release is fast-approaching! Android Developer Juan Yanez and Product Owner Heather Campbell came together to let us know what sweet treats to expect from Android M. This pre-release is packed full of the essential features you need to know about, including Now on Tap, Android Pay and Doze.

Heather Campbell and Juan Yanez

The challenge of changing ‘traditional’ mindsets

Ever since our first #TABUnworkshop here at the Spitfire Building, we have been mulling over some of the common challenges that our attendees raised in their efforts to introduce greater agility into their organisations. QA Manager Christina Ohanian kicks off with a compelling starter for 10, giving her view on where to begin when faced with the need to change mindsets from traditional approaches, like Waterfall, to a more agile outlook.

Christina Ohanian

The need to respond to change over following a plan

Following on from Christina’s post, Architecture Owner Riccardo Bennett-Lovsey continues our agile theme. In this post, Riccardo postulates that change on your project is inevitable - and that Agile provides the most effective means of ensuring successful outcomes in the face of that change. If you also missed Riccardo’s great introduction to Agile, and why it has value for businesses as well as software development, catch Part 1 here.

Riccardo Bennet-Lovsey


Popping the publishing bubble

An incisive and insightful read, Ben Thompson offers his typically sharp strategic analysis on the big dynamics changing the newspaper and publishing industry.


Exploring the margins of possible digital products

Richard Pope thinks that the way most digital products are created is too linear. He suggests some new approaches for helping us think about potential products more expansively, drawing inspiration from evolutionary science. Broaden your horizons with this thought provoking post.


Take a look at the future of teamwork

Bud Caddell shares his clever FLOX model. It provides a new way for teams and organisations to organise, work and learn fast in order to thrive in our increasingly digital, programmable world.


Should we all be looking for marginal gains?

Former Team GB cycling coach Dave Brailsford’s theory of marginal gains has been influential ever since the sensational success of his team in the 2012 Olympics and beyond. Matthew Syed gives it a recap, and considers how applying this methodology of incremental improvement could reap rewards well beyond the velodrome.


Did you know that UK supermarket retail space is shrinking?

No, neither did we - so here's our curveball curiosity for issue 4. It turns out that for the first time in 10 years, the amount of retail space owned by Britain’s largest supermarkets contracted by around 1%. This is an remarkable reversal, given that for the preceding nine years, space grew on average by 4.9% a year.

This is money