Issue 40 of TAB Updates

In this latest edition of TAB Updates, a distinct theme emerged - almost by accident: the ways in which mobile technology is reshaping physical spaces.

Take a look at how a new, mobile-enhanced concept store is driving sales for Maplin; discover how our Strategy Lead sees the bank branch evolving in the wake of mobile - and why, despite news of large-scale rollouts being planned for hotel rooms, betting on a single voice platform is a mistake.

Enjoy - and have a great weekend!

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Reinventing the in-store experience with Maplin

Despite being the UK's number one technology retailer, Maplin face a particular challenge: it probably isn't the first destination you think of when buying the latest innovative tech - which is a shame, given Maplin's truly impressive product range and highly knowledgeable staff.

To tackle the challenge, Maplin set out to reach a broader audience by reinventing their stores, creating a brilliant omni-channel experience that focused on their rapidly growing Smart Home technology range. A key question remained: how could mobile technology enhance the new in-store experience and support Maplin's business objectives? Maplin turned to TAB to help them refine early ideas and deliver against the clock - in time for the opening of a brand new flagship concept store.

Discover how we got on in our most recent client story.


...But what about the bank branch?

Regular readers will know we have been writing a lot recently about the future of retail banking. Through our research and recent conversations with well-known high street names, one particular topic has surfaced time and again: does mobile banking signal the death of the brick and mortar branch?

This question provokes a great deal of debate, amongst the public and within banks themselves, as branches across the country close their doors. In this article, Strategy Lead Brett Thornton draws upon our latest thinking to share his vision for the ways mobile will radically redefine the familiar high street branch.

Brett Thornton | 4 minute read

Voice-enabled hotel rooms are more than an Echo away

When the Amazon Echo was first released, the hospitality industry seemed a logical fit for the smash hit smart speaker - so much so that Wynn plan to install the device in over 4,000 hotel rooms. The potential is clear to anyone who has already used Alexa to turn on their lights within their own home - who doesn't dream of ordering an extra pillow in the middle of a jetlagged haze, just by asking aloud?

However, Senior Strategist George Proudfoot warns against the temptation to commit to one particular device or platform. Instead, George advocates taking a more holistic view of the voice technology landscape. The game, after all, is only just getting underway: with the UK release date for Google Home expected later this month, the winner in this exciting space is far from certain.

George Proudfoot | 4 minute read


Insurance and the big data technology revolution

A meaty, thought-provoking read on what the future of insurance might look like. With everything from autonomous cars, big data, and new peer-to-peer business models likely to shake up the industry, it's pretty clear that insurance is ripe for disruption...

FT | 12 minute read

Banking APIs: it's not about the tech - or even banking

We have said before that with digital products, customers want outcomes - not features. Monzo's co-founder Jason Bates underpins this view, succinctly laying out why the biggest opportunity with banking APIs is the ability to create seamless experiences that feel like 'magic' to your customers. We couldn't agree more.

Jason Bates | 3 minute read

Design in Tech 2017

The 2017 version of the very popular Design in Tech report is out, with some brilliant insights on everything from the current design agency landscape to how to recognise the best talent. This 48 slide deck is well worth a peruse.

John Maeda | 48 slides

Managing complexity

Written by one of the major brains behind Microsoft Office, former CVP of Office Development, Terry Crowley, discusses long term code bases, how complexity grows over time and why having a long-term strategy really matters.

HackerNoon | 15 minute read


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