Here we are with the good stuff for issue 5 of our regular TAB Updates.

Make sure you check out Hamish's succinct deck on the lessons you can learn from Uber, and the recommended listening from the team - there are some really great podcasts in the mix. Enjoy!

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Eight things you can learn from Uber

It’s hard to believe that Uber has only been around in the UK since 2012, such is the impact it’s had. One of the most disruptive companies of the decade, Uber has shaken up an entire industry, creating powerful habit-forming behaviours and a super smooth user experience. Check out this handy deck with eight things you can learn from Uber to improve your own UX, courtesy of Mobile Product Strategist, Hamish Vallabh.

Hamish Vallabh

Tune in to TAB's top podcasts

Along with reading lists and TED Talks, we’re big fans of a good podcast. In this post, ten TABbers from around the company serve up their favourites. Ranging from the inspiring to the downright bizarre, TAB proves once again that inspiration in your work comes from sources far and wide. Check out their recommendations here, and set up your own podcast backlog.

The App Business

Creating an agile space for Team TAB

Six months into our shiny new King’s Cross HQ, and not only are we loving our new home but we have also had wonderful feedback from clients and visitors to the Spitfire Building. Take a look at Marketing and Communications Manager Emily Maginess’ thoughts on creating agile spaces for Agile teams. Emily argues that it’s not about rules, designer furniture or a ‘creativity greenhouse’. In reality, it’s about mindset - a way of seeing and thinking about your work environment - that will really make your space ‘agile’.

Emily Maginess


Turns out, you didn’t learn a damn thing from Toyota

Niels Pfläging puts forward the provocative but well argued case that too many businesses try to learn from ‘radical’ or ‘outlier’ companies - whether that’s Toyota or Netflix - but then struggle to follow their examples because of their fundamentally cynical ideas about human behaviour, motivation and ability. Something to bear in mind when digesting Hamish’s eight lessons on Uber above.

Niels Pfläging

Eight signs your organisation craves change

Mike Arauz in The August Collection lays out some valuable home truths about how organisations, who should be enabling us to work more efficiently, can actually end up getting in the way of the employees doing the actual work.

Mike Arauz

Rage against the IoT machines

This amusing and speculative film from Superflux shows an elderly man in the future, who refuses to play ball with the nannying intentions of his home and the objects around him. On a serious note, it’s a reminder to work hard on experiences that add genuine value to people’s lives.


Text as interface

Bloomberg BusinessWeek picks up on an interesting trend that sees new mobile services think a little differently about how they communicate with their customers. Text messaging, rather than an app, is being used as the primary point of contact - and bringing an arguably more 'human' experience to users.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Mobile behaviour: one hand or two?

Comscore recently released a lot of data on app and smartphone use in the US and one of the interesting points is that 34% of people aged 55+ are only comfortable using their smartphone with both hands. Our datapoint of the week might seem a bit random, but if you have a broad customer base, it highlights the diverse mobile behaviours you may need to accommodate in your UX. Take a look at the full report here.