Here it is - issue 6 of our fortnightly dose of insight, opinion and inspiration.

We take a concise look at what a great MVP really means, courtesy of one of our scrum masters, and include a link to The New York Times' recent strategy memo as they embark on a mobile transformation journey - interesting stuff.


Daniel Joseph, The App Business


How to build a great MVP without losing 'wow factor'

It's not uncommon for us encounter misconceptions about just what an MVP is, and what it isn't. In this post, Scrum Master Anna Fletcher Morris sets the record straight with a look at why a great MVP is important, and how even your product's very first incarnation can still delight your users. The third installment in our agile challenges series, you can also check out challenges one and two over on the blog.

Anna Fletcher Morris

Communicating Agile through the power of play

After another successful away day hosted at TAB HQ recently, introducing Agile for the first time to a team of over forty, we revisit Agile Coach Ant Gardiner’s thoughts on the power of play in learning. Embedding agility into your organisation isn't easy, and Ant believes that one of the fastest and most natural ways for us to do so is through experiential play. Take a look at how he put his theory to the test in this quick read.

Ant Gardiner

Holding out for a hero

In recent weeks, we have been getting behind what, and where, our team draws its inspiration. So far, we have discovered favourite podcasts, top TED Talks and our recommended #TABReads. This time round, we asked our team about their TAB heroes - the people who have inspired them, in work and in life. Check out the list here.

Emily Maginess


Are we entering the 'deployment phase' for mobile and computing?

A lengthy but interesting piece from Jerry Neumann based on Carlota Perez’s influential work on technology, culture and capital - as applied to the current landscape of IT, computing and mobile. Get an impressive zoom out of where we might be in our current technological paradigm.

Jerry Neumann

Finding your core idea first

The Intercom team share some good product thinking around their approach to inception in this blog post. Their recommendation? Explore the one big, defining idea first, then proceed to iterate, refine and co-ordinate connecting other ideas - and not the other way round.


Fast-tech thinking for a slow-tech world

a16z’s podcast covers the common intersection we often find ourselves in - bringing fast-tech ideas to more deliberative organisations. Get their advice here about how to make it work.


Forging a new path at The New York Times

The New York Times published an 11-page strategy memo called 'Our Path Forward'. It outlines the steps that the iconic news organisation will be taking to double its digital subscription revenue, and become mobile-first. Some smart strategic thinking to be found here, and a great peek inside the business, too.

The New York Times

Good design is just good business

In this video interview, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers design partner, and former president of the Rhode Island School of Design, John Maeda, discusses how design has moved from the drafting table to the boardroom - and all functions in between. A good look at how design has become business-critical.


Eating alone isn’t lonely anymore

We spotted a couple of interesting data points recently around changing behaviours, driven in part by mobile. These include Ikea’s comprehensive Life at Home report, which found 1 in 4 young people living alone think social media makes it less lonely to eat alone. Meanwhile, in the US, OpenTable’s lone diner reservations have more than doubled in the last two years.

Ikea / OpenTable