Happy Friday, everyone - here we go with Issue 7 of #TABUpdates.

The team continue to take a deep dive into the qualities that make a great MVP, and we resurface one of our most popular blog posts - a closer look at the perennial debate of native vs. hybrid development.


The App Business


Seven ways you can make your MVP achievable

Product Owner John Adams takes on the latest in our Agile challenges series, answering a common question we often hear: how do I make sure my MVP is achievable? Following on from our previous piece on creating an MVP without sacrificing wow factor, John takes us through some of the key components of getting that killer MVP over the line.

John Adams

That old chestnut: native vs. hybrid

We often get asked what the merits are of building a native app over a hybrid. It's a tricky question, and there is no simple answer because in reality, it depends on a broad number of factors. In this useful read from iOS Engineer and former TABber Marco Sero, we lay out some options to help you choose which route to go.

Marco Sero


Apple TV is coming: what does it mean for you?

A few weeks ago, TAB Strategist George Proudfoot wrote about how the future of television was shaping up. With the fourth generation of the Apple TV now available and the first tvOS apps going live in the App Store, The Wall asked George for a contributing post on what the rise of the modern TV will mean for digital marketers - make sure you check it out.

George Proudfoot

Sharing thoughts on Android M

TAB Android Engineer Voicu Klein put this pre-release together just before Google gave us Android Marshmallow. Voicu spoke to IT Pro recently about his hopes M would be the cleanest release yet for Android and you can also find him on MyCustomer - discussing how Google's mobile payments strategy might shape up in the wake of the new release.

Voicu Klein


‘McKinsey-ism' is holding employees and customers hostage

Helge Tennø’s great notes and summaries from October's Toronto-based Aerials conference provide a provocative case for a different kind of management - one based around self-organising pools of talent. Worth a read, if only for some best practice case studies that don't include the usual Silicon Valley suspects.

Helge Tennø

The pain points of becoming Agile

This comprehensive list from Stefan Wolpers shows the common points where Agile can fall down at a team, process, and organisational level. If you are trying to introduce agility into your organisation, this helpful and honest post provides a great starting point for identifying where you are likely to encounter challenges. Forewarned is forearmed.

Stefan Wolpers

What product management is - and what it is not

We think this is one of the best explainers we have ever read on product management - period. Thanks, Josh Elman at Greylock.

Josh Elman

A beautiful introduction to machine learning

Who doesn't love a good visual intro? And this one, introducing machine learning, is a stunner. From r2d3, it's a useful and memorable primer for anyone who hasn’t managed to wrap their head around machine learning yet, or for those needing a quick refresh. Scroll to learn here.


The right way to engage customers during Agile product development

This pithy gem of a post from Lucy Win at Government Digital Services includes lessons about how to communicate and build engagement around a brand new service - while you are iteratively improving and refining the proposition.

Lucy Win