Here we are with Issue 8 of #TABUpdates - our regular fortnightly dose of news and inspiration, fresh from TAB HQ and across the web.

Two great pieces from the team to highlight in this edition, on the impact of disruption in both banking and news publishing.

As ever - happy reading!

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Welcome to the party, banking!

Senior Product Owner Tim Checkley has been thinking about the long overdue disruption of the banking and payments sector. Check out what he has to say on banking’s late arrival to the party, the offerings currently available - and what the future might hold. This post was originally a guest blog for tech journalist Heather McLean over on Smart Chimps.

Tim Checkley

Is it the end for the native news app?

The world of news publishing has undergone seismic change. With the likes of Facebook Instant Articles shaking things up, how we consume and share content continues to rapidly evolve. TAB Strategist Hamish Vallabh takes a closer look at the opportunities and challenges this brings for news publishers, and why - if you are a news publisher - you shouldn't rule out your own native app just yet.

Hamish Vallabh


Turn £1 into £20: the value of design

Every pound invested in design can achieve as much as £20 in increased revenue. You’ll find that great statistic - and much more - in this excellent report from Innovate UK, the Government’s design and innovation agency. The report looks at the business value of design to companies and the country as a whole. Certainly gets a thumbs up from Team TAB.

Innovate UK

Digital migration does not equal digital transformation

Gerry McGovern echoes our own thoughts on what businesses need today. Digital migration of existing processes and practices is not enough. Real transformation requires a truly customer-centric culture, and a complete rethink of existing business practices, too. Well worth a read if you are embarking on a transformation initiative in your own organisation.

Gerry McGovern

Side-by-side: Bitcoin and Blockchain explained

This great episode of the a16z podcast explains Blockchain and Bitcoin for those still feeling puzzled. It takes a speculative look at how different industries might stay ahead of the curve, with the creation of their own Bitcoin and Blockchain strategies.


How mobile technology is enhancing the public transport experience

Our own work in the transport sector led us to this rich paper from GSMA recently, which explores how mobile technology is helping global transport operators to both contain costs and improve the passenger experience. Check it out if you are in the business of getting people from A to B.


The Tag Heuer Connected: Android Wear’s first luxury smartwatch

In this interesting video review, tech entrepreneur and new CEO of Hodinkee Kevin Rose explores Tag Heuer’s first foray into the smartwatch market, boasting a design that follows a ’traditional’ watchmaker philosophy.


What to expect from the new SkyQ box

Techradar is on hand to give the low-down on the best features of the next-gen SkyQ box. An original pioneer of on-demand television, this new update seems to be a direct response to threats from Netflix and Amazon Video - and it looks great. If you've missed our closer look at the future of the gogglebox, take a look here.



Mobile UX London - 20th November 2015

TAB Strategist Jean-Francois Hector will be speaking about influencing user behaviour and how to apply 'MAT' theory to your products over at the Mobile UX London event today! For those unable to make it, and if you're wondering what on earth 'MAT' is, watch this space for a blog post featuring his presentation.