#TABUpdates 9 is fresh off the press!

This issue sees our Strategy team answer some handy Apple Pay FAQs, and it's also well worth checking out Jean Francois' recent summary of how we influence user behaviour - the right way - at The App Business.

Happy reading!

Daniel Joseph, The App Business


Apple Pay FAQ

After providing you with a useful overview in the run up to the UK release of Apple Pay earlier this year, Senior Strategist Brett Thornton is now back with some very useful Apple Pay FAQs - and a look at why the mobile payment service is good for both customers and retailers.

Brett Thornton

Behaviour first, technology second

TAB Strategist Jean Francois Hector recently spoke at Mobile UX London on the right way to influence behaviour with technology. In this pithy summary of his talk, he explains the essentials of a model we refer to as 'MAT', and provides a brief overview of the key principles we use here at The App Business to elicit user behaviours. Check out his deck here.

Jean Francois Hector

The key essentials for a good workshop

Often under planned and overused, workshops have started picking up a bit of a bad rep. Strategist George Proudfoot knows a thing or two about what makes a workshop really valuable. In this quick read, he shares some essential ways you can improve your workshops and get the best out of them - for both you and your attendees.

George Proudfoot


Google announces app streaming

The lines are blurring fast between apps and the web - not least with the introduction of streaming on Android. This gives users the option of launching straight into a native app experience from a Google search - see how it works on TechCrunch. This puts Google one step closer to making apps indexable, trackable and searchable. Find out more about the implications in this post by Jan Dawson on ReCode.

Jan Dawson

Banking through your TV?

A recent Mondo hackathon led to an interesting attempt to bring banking (and the visualisation of your finances) to the Apple TV. Check it out here. It’s still early days, but we’re pleased to see experiments and apps emerging on the new TV platforms beyond basic content delivery. For those of you wondering about what TV as a platform means, check out TAB Strategist George Proudfoot’s take on the future of TV.


How big, slow Capital One introduced Design Thinking

This FLOX article tells the story of how Capital One got back to innovating based on real customer needs. This interesting post includes one stark tale of a team who kept a Post-it on the wall during every meeting - to represent the number of days since anyone in the team had last interacted with a customer. Well worth a read.


Hotels struggle to keep up with waves of change

An unusually frank and honest interview with the CEO of Accor Hotels (owners of the Sofitel and Ibis brands, amongst others), Sébastien Bazin. His assessment: the hotel industry has largely been a spectator as successive waves of change have rushed past them, leaving it in an increasingly precarious position. Read more here.


Facebook reveals the secrets behind M

BuzzFeed dives deep into the secrets behind Facebook's ‘M’, the messaging-based human/AI hybrid that Facebook is betting on to become one of the primary ways we interact with our devices and services.


What the kids of today are doing with tech

This annual report from Ofcom is full of gems about the way young people use technology and media. It includes some fascinating datapoints that challenge common preconceptions - for example, did you know mobile phone ownership has fallen over the past five years in every age group under 15?